Staff Pick of the Week: Poshmark

The change of a season means the revamped wardrobe. As you go through your closet, you’re bound to find things you haven’t worn in years. Your high school homecoming dress, a sweater you never actually liked, those jeans that you want to fit in but just aren’t going to. Rather than just tossing your clothes out or letting them stay in your closet collecting dust and wasting valuable space, you can easily sell them online.

This week, Valley is obsessing over an app and website called Poshmark, which allows you to sell your used clothing to users from all over the country. In Poshmark’s own words, they are “the leading fashion destination where people come together to buy and sell clothing and accessories from each other.” With over 1.5 million sellers, there’s no denying that Poshmark is having a moment.

Selling clothes on the app or site is an easy, quick process. Once you’ve found something you want to sell, take pictures of it to share on your page. The better quality your pictures, the more likely your item is to sell. You also will include a description of what you’re selling. Aside from just saying what the item actually is, it’s also important to describe what condition is. If there are any stains, holes, or flaws, you’ll want to be upfront about it and show it in pictures. If what you’re selling was never worn and still has tags, there’s a way to mark that. After that, you pick the price you’ll sell it for.

For a sale under 15 dollars, Poshmark takes $2.95. For any sale over 15 dollars, Poshmark takes 20% of the price. This is really important to keep in mind as you pick a price. When you go to type a cost, Poshmark tells you what your earnings would be if you charge that much. You can raise or lower your asking price at any time.

Once your item is live, any user can make an offer. One way to get more offers is to share your posts to parties, which are just when a specific item (such as jeans, boots, or all lululemon products) are specially featured. You also can select your college, which shows your items to people right from Penn State! When someone makes an offer, you can accept or decline it. They can make a counteroffer for lower than your asking price, and you can counteroffer a higher price back. If you eventually can agree on a price, the item will have been sold!

The next step is getting a prepaid shipping label emailed to you from Poshmark. This comes at no cost to the seller. From there, you’ll package your item and put it in a free USPS box. Once it arrives to your buyer, the money from the sale will transfer to your account. You can either have that money directly deposited to your bank account or request a check in the mail.

This week, Valley’s pick brings out our entrepreneur side! If you decide to give Poshmark a try, let Valley know in the comments if you make any big sales!