Spring Cleaning 101

After half a semester of endless exams, papers and homework, we’re finally on break. Some of us are fortunate enough to go to paradise and relax and work on our tans – but for those of us who are staying home and will be bored after the first weekend, Valley has the perfect task for you. Clean the clutter out of the most important aspects of your life and see how much more free you’ll feel.

Your Room

This one seems obvious and daunting, but trust me, it’s worth it and not that bad if you take it one step at a time. First, clean your closet and separate all of your clothes into three piles: Keep, donate and garbage. Obviously, if your clothes are destroyed beyond belief and you’ll never wear them again, either toss ‘em or turn them into cleaning rags (your mom will probably appreciate that). If they’re fine and just don’t fit or you grew out of that style, donate them to a clothing drive or a homeless shelter. If you need extra cash, go to Plato’s Closet, who will gladly take them and give you money.

After you’ve finished your closet, start cleaning the rest of your room – organize your dresser and drawers, throw out any junk, and clean your mirrors and wood. Lastly, vacuum the floor and change the sheets on your bed. This will probably be an all-day job if you’ve ever done it before, so when your head hits the pillow that night, you’ll fall asleep instantly in fresh sheets. Is there anything better?

Your Car

Hopefully, it’ll be warmer than 35 degrees over break so you can clean the disgusting winter brown/black/gray (what color is it, anyway?) snow off of your car without freezing your doors shut. While you’re home, make sure to vacuum the inside of your car and wipe down your dashboard and seats if they’re leather. Treat your car to a fresh wax – parents tend to have everything you ever need in the garage, but if there isn’t some in there you can find it at Walmart for relatively cheap.

If your car sits at home, remember that it probably hasn’t been tuned up in a while – check tire pressure, oil and the rest of your fluids. Even if your car is here, chances are you haven’t been taking care of it the way you’re supposed to because your parents aren’t nagging you to do it. Just remember – a clean car with perfect fluids and good tire pressure is a happy car that won’t fail you on your way back to State College in a few days.

Your Social Media Accounts

Unfollow your annoying freshman year hall mate, unfriend your ex-boyfriend’s best friend who you never really talked to anyway and for the love of God, just delete everybody from your life who makes you miserable. If you’re like me, you might feel a little badly about deleting someone you used to be friends with your sophomore year of high school – but you haven’t talked them in six year and she posts statuses four or five times a day beginning for attention. You don’t need that in your life and you probably haven’t wished her a happy birthday in a few years anyway.

When you’re finished with Facebook – which will probably take the longest – head over to Twitter. Save your phone for last and don’t hoard useless numbers – especially those of businesses that just don’t exist. If you’re really struggling with deleting, just remember this: if you absolutely need to talk to somebody again, find them on Facebook. Even if you deleted them there, you’ll still have mutual friends, so they’re easily accessible.

If You’re Staying at School: Deep Clean Your House/Apartment

If you have to stay in State College over break, deep clean your house or apartment. Halfway during the semester – now – is a great time to do it before it gets too disgusting to want to touch it. Wipe down all your furniture and appliances, mop your kitchen and bathroom floor, actually clean your shower and toilet using cleaning products, take out any expired food or drinks from your refrigerator and deep clean your bedroom. That’s asking for a lot, so either put aside one whole day to cleaning or space it out throughout the week. I’m sure your roommates will thank you for all of your hard work and if they don’t – you have an excuse not to deep clean next time.



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