Ways to Bring the Beach to You This Spring Break

You are packing up for spring break when you venture onto social media – big mistake.

You are bombarded by statuses and tweets all from your friends who will be jetting off to tropical destinations during their week off. Your roommate posts that she can’t wait for Cancun while a friend from your THON committee says he is Puerto Rico bound. You look back at your bags and realize that you’ll simply be spending your break, well, at home.

If this is your situation, worry not. Valley has compiled some easy ways to bring the tropics to your house this break.

Take a long, hot bubble bath

Okay, so it’s not a hot tub in a resort in Mexico, but you can make it work. Fill your tub, then use beach themed bubble bath and soap. Maybe even light a few calming candles in the bathroom. Once you’re in, close your eyes, feel the warm water and inhale. Paradise has come to you.

Set “beachy” items around the house

If you can journey out into the cold, stop at a few stores and pick up some things that remind you of a warmer place. Grab seashells, some summer scented incense or air fresheners, scenic pictures and any other cheap little decorations you may see. Strategically place them in rooms around your house so that no matter which one you enter, the beach is waiting.

Make fun tropical drink

While you’re out grabbing beach décor, make a quick trip to you grocery store for some ingredients. Making virgin margaritas, piña coladas and strawberry daiquiris (or add alcohol if you’re 21!) can be the perfect way to escape to the tropics right from your kitchen.

Make the day a party

Now that you have drinks and a decorated house, you might as well gather with all your friends who are in your same boat. Invite people over and spend your vacation at home together. Maybe you’re not miles away with sand between your toes, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make the most of your break with friends.


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