April Showers: 10 Products You Need In Your Shower

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Spring is here! What better way to kick off the season of freshness than by revamping your shower game? VALLEY rounded up the 10 best shower products you need to try.

1. Aussie 3-Minute Miracle Moist Conditioner

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This deep conditioner is strong enough to undo the damage anywhere from heat styling to chlorine. It will restore the moisture that was sucked out of your hair by walking to class in the winter wind.

2. Among The Flowers X UO Ice + Spice Shower Steamer Trio Set

Photo from urbanoutfitters.com

These shower steamers from Urban Outfitters will transform your everyday shower experience into relaxation station. Simply place the steamer on the shower floor and soak in the aromatic fragrances.

3. Shower Cap

Photo from sephora.com

We all know washing our hair daily can cause dryness and damage, but sometimes, even when we don’t wash, the humidity in the shower can cause frizziness. A shower cap really helps to fight the steam to keep your ‘do fresh. Any cap will work, but this one from Sephora has a really cute yellow pattern.

4. St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub

Photo from stives.com

This spa-like exfoliant will remove tired, dead skin to reveal a beautiful, baby soft complexion.

5. Shower Sponge

Photo from bathandbodyworks.com

Any shower sponge will up the bubble factor for your body wash, but this pink unicorn one from Bath & Body Works adds a magical touch.

6. Garnier Fructis 1-Minute Hair Masks

Photo from garnierusa.com

These hair masks come in a range of scents and specialties to combat your specific hair qualm.

7. Clean & Clear 60-Second Shower Face Mask

Photo from walmart.com

Think minty, tingly freshness. This in-shower face mask works with the steam in your shower to clean out pores for clearer skin.

8. St. Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower

Photo from jet.com

Obviously, self-tanner is the go-to method for getting that sunkissed glow minus the UV rays. But sometimes the intense color applied with a mit can be a little intimidating. This in-shower gradual tanner y St. Tropez is the middle ground — effective tan without the orange-y mess.

9. LUSH Body Conditioners

Photo from lushusa.com

Don’t like the greasy feeling of moisturizing post-shower? With these in-shower body conditioners, you get the moisture power of body lotion, but the greasy residue washes away while you’re still in the shower.

10. AquaSound Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Photo from walmart.com

Last but not least, the finishing touch on the perfect shower has to be a shower speaker. Now you can blast the tunes without worrying about ruining your phone.


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