Beautifully Nutritious

Photo by Elise Derstine

Believe it or not, your youth will not last forever. VALLEY knows it’s hard to believe, but don’t shoot the messenger. Besides we are here to help!

Youthful looks are directly related to a delectable diet. The secret to keeping your radiance is knowing that nutrition is a tool, and a powerful one at that. Shelby O’Neill, a senior studying nutrition at Penn State, says, “It is very important to have a diet that is very high in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meats. These foods will provide you with antioxidants and the energy you need to live an active and healthy lifestyle.”

If you’re endlessly trying all the beauty products and still see the dark circles, the acne, the dry skin and truly do not feel pretty, we’re here to tell you this is a direct result of your diet. We’ve come up with some simple Do’s and Don’ts to help.


Yes—it’s fun to cheers to the weekend, but we have to stress moderation. Alcohol is doing absolutely nothing for your beauty. Not only is alcohol dehydrating but it deprives your beauty of the nutrients it needs. As you know, alcohol strains your liver, but did you know that your liver is a very important organ for radiant complexation? It affects blood flow to your skin. We know this is hard to hear, as it’s fun indulge and let loose after a long week … we’re all guilty of it, but just keep moderation in mind.


Dairy is one of the most common food intolerances. Think about it. Do any other mammals drink or eat another mammals milk? You have to admit dairy is a weird food. The average non-organic dairy foods you see in the grocery store are filled with chemicals and hormones that spike our normal insulin levels resulting in more breakouts. Dairy products are also very acidic in the body leading us to move more lethargically. Oftentimes too much dairy can result in you feeling gross—as in that feeling where you can’t explain why or what’s wrong but you definitely don’t feel your pretty, normal self.

There are many other beauty betrayers such as: coffee, fried food, gluten, overcooked or grill foods, soda and more, but here’s a few beauty healers.


No need to fear! This isn’t as dirty of a word as you may think. The carbs we love are the complex carbs from vegetables and grains. These carbs cause less of a spike in blood sugar reducing blemishes. Carbs are a great source of energy that we all need throughout our very busy days, but this does not mean you should eat a bag of chips to feel healthy. Stick to the sweet potatoes, peas, carrots and corn.


If you’re looking for longer hair, stronger nails and youthful skin, getting a daily dose of protein will help you to grow strong collagen, elastin and keratin—all of these important proteins to providing you with the beauty you want. Now, you don’t need to be a conventional meat-eater to acquire these proteins. A variety of plant-based proteins with a few animal proteins—pastured eggs, wild salmon or oysters—work just as well. This way, your body is well nourished with amino acids.

Photo by Catie Gore

To learn more about beauty healers and beauty betrayers, check out Jolene Hart’s book, “Eat Pretty: Nutrition for Beauty Inside and Out.”  This book tells the story of how she created a lifestyle of beauty that supports her body and mind every day, simply by rebuilding her relationship with food.


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