Probiotic Basics

Most often, beauty products target outward appearance—concealer, corrective creams, spot treatments, etc. to cover up imperfections that manifest from factors like diet, stress and environmental toxins.

While we’re all guilty of stocking our beauty cabinets with quick-fix products, true beauty might actually come from within (your gut?!). Yes, your gut. In fact, more than half of your body’s immunity lies in your stomach, so it’s no surprise that the bacteria residing there has an affect on common concerns like bloating and breakouts.

So what exactly are probiotics? They’re “good” bacteria found in the gut that help to promote the creation of microorganisms that boost our health. In order to reap the benefits of probiotics, you need to balance the good and bad bacteria that coexist within your body, and you can achieve this healthy medium by ingesting probiotic-rich foods in your daily routine. Learn about the foods you should consider adding to your diet for a more beautiful inside…


Yogurt with “live and active” cultures of bacteria can help aid in digestion and reduction of bloating.


This food is similar to yogurt, but is fermented with yeast and more bacteria, containing more probiotics.


Made with black tea and sugar, this drink contains good bacteria and yeast that help to balance the bacteria in your stomach.

Sauerkraut and Kimchi

Make sure to purchase unpasteurized kind, as the pasteurization process kills the good, immune-boosting bacteria found in these two foods. The lactic acid fermentation process makes these two foods packed with Vitamin C.


Made from fermented soybeans, this dish is high in protein as well as natural antibiotics that help to fight bad bacteria.


Choose pickles made in a salt and water solution rather than vinegar, as these contain the active cultures your gut flora needs.

In addition to probiotic foods, there are probiotic supplements available for purchase at health stores. VALLEY recommends speaking to your health professional before making the decision which probiotic would best suit your particular digestive needs.


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