“Clueless” Nailed These Fashion Trends

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There’s so much to love about the 90’s cult classic film “Clueless:” the cast, major throwback songs and, of course, the fashion. Despite the film’s debut in 1995 — 23 years ago — Cher’s style manages to transcend time and trends. We’ve counted down five of her most iconic looks that give us serious ’90s nostalgia …

Sheer Layering

Typically, we see Cher in polished, preppy outfits so this soft, gothic look really deviates from her wardrobe, but it’s nonetheless chic. She layered a sheer black button-up top over a white tank top, finishing off the look with an oversized silver cross necklace. This is reminiscent of the Met Gala’s 2018 theme: heavenly bodies, except a more wearable, street-style take.

Yellow Tartan

Who can forget the scene of Cher and Dion strutting down the hallway—clunky cellphones and all — wearing their matching tartan sets? Iconic. The structured blazer layered over a yellow buttoned cardigan and pleated skirt is probably the most memorable outfits of the entire film. What can we learn from this major fashion moment? A matching set is always a good idea.

White Slip Dress

Cher always walked to the beat of her own drum, and this style choice attests to that. Forget the LBD, and make room in your closet for the LWD (little white dress). Her Calvin Klein slip dress makes a serious argument to ditch the basic black dress we all default to, and switch it out for an unexpected (yet equally elegant) white option.

One-Piece Workout Outfit

It seems like Cher was way before her time in the athletic wear department. Her spandex one-piece with crisscross back detailing is currently seeing a resurgence in popular active brands like Athleta. We’re happy to bring it back, but the aerobic VHS tapes? Those we can live without.

Red Alaïa

We can always count on Cher to formulate a perfectly color-coordinated outfit. From her form-fitting dress, to the cropped embroidered jacket adorned with feather trim, and her strappy platform shoes, this outfit was a show-stopper. We all cringed when the robber demanded Cher to get on the ground in her red cocktail dress. Hello, it’s an Alaïa?! Little did he know, the dress was worth way more than the cellphone and purse.

The next time you need a wardrobe refresher, make “Clueless” your first inspo stop.


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