Campus Fashion Classics

When it comes to our style, we all find ourselves defining campus fashion differently.

Whether you dress like you’re in of Paris or prefer to dress more careless, there are major staples each college student owns for his or her school year wardrobe. Now that the seasons are changing and the temperature keeps dropping, the fall trends have begun to emerge.


The new trend of making comfort look chic is the result of the way joggers are now being designed more creatively. They are no longer a more slimming sweat pant but a newer trendier version. With simple patterns, edgy holes and softer fabrics joggers have made it a lot easier to look put together when going to class. They have also begun to take over game days or day longs absolutely killing the game ‘effortless look.’

Jean Jackets

Jean jackets are the Ruth Bader Ginsburg of fashion: we love them and they will never get old. While the trend has gone through phases of rips, patches and different colored washes. This ultimate statement piece can easily be dressed up or down. Opportunities are endless with a jean jacket — they add depth to any outfit by bringing flare, edge and warmth. Oversized or cropped, jean jackets are a statement piece every fall.


Baseball hats allow you to hide your bed head that almost prevented you from going to class this morning. A true hero, prepared to defend you during any season. As hats have become more popular we now see cuter designs and new logos. Comfort colored hats allow you to take on a trendy look while staying comfortable. As an added bonus, if you’re not feeling extra social that day a hat is the perfect thing to hide your eyes behind and avoid any one you may not be totally excited to see.


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