Stepping Up Your Rainy Day Wardrobe

Being back on campus means walking to class in the rain. Rainy days, especially as hurricane season lingers, can bring light showers or all-day downpours, but either way there is no avoiding getting wet. But who says your looks have to suffer due to a little water?

There are great rainwear products that offer varying colors and patterns, while also remaining extremely practical for both men and women. Although some brands are pricy, the investment is proven through the lifespan of the item. So if you’re looking to improve your rainy day wardrobe, here are some ideas to inspire your new look!

Rain Boots

Everyone has a pair of rain boots, but do yours offer versatility with outfit choices and comfort? Making an investment in a good pair of rain boots will not only prove to be a smart choice for your everyday look, but also your wallet. No need to go back to Target every year for a new pair because brand-name boots can guarantee a longer lifespan.

Some recommended brands for men and women are Hunter, Sperry and L.L.Bean. These are three companies that center their products around being water-resistant and durable, while designing a wide range of styles and looks. Hunter has rain boots that are traditionally tall with different styles to suit every need including: penny loafers, ballet flats and slides. Sperry and L.L.Bean has the duck boots that everyone loves for their durability and comfort. This boot is a look commonly sported by men and women, and each company has done a great job of expanding their offerings aside from the traditional neutral colors. 

For women looking for brand name styles, favorites like Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Coach and Michael Kors also offer well-made rain boots that will last. While they’re available in their stores and online, these brands can often be found discounted at T.J. Maxx, Marshalls and Nordstrom Rack.

Raincoats and Trench Coats

Typically, men and women think of raincoats as the water-resistant, zip-up jacket with not much style to it. Fortunately, the raincoat is evolving from the typical athletic-wear look and taking on new dimension while maintaining many of the same qualities; they can be fitted or loose, long or short, plain or patterned. The colors are varying to match every preference you may have.

The majority of trench coats are water-resistant. A trench coat can be a great look for anyone going to work or going out for the night. The length of the trench coat can cover most of your body, protecting whatever look may be underneath. Matched with the right rain boot or rain-resistant shoe, it is an outfit that is ready for the weather and the day ahead.

The raincoats already listed above are a safe bet. However, The North Face and Columbia, which are often available at Dick’s Sporting Goods, make raincoats that are popular among consumers and have a great range of styles for both men and women. For trench coats, the idea is to buy something reliable. Macy’s, along with TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Nordstrom Rack, has a great selection of the raincoats and trench coats you might be looking for.


People typically think of umbrellas for practical use and, although that isn’t wrong, they can be an accessory too. If you have to walk around with an umbrella over your head all day, why can’t it match your outfit and your personality? Well it can — and there are plenty of options out there to choose from.

A new trend is the clear, bubble umbrella. They have an old-school feel which people love, while the bubble style offers wide coverage during a storm. The clear look matches every outfit and brings something different to your rainy day look of a traditional black umbrella. Kate Spade New York offers this umbrella with a design saying “Love is In The Air”, for $38. Target, H&M, Walmart, Urban Outfitters and Totes all offer similar styles. The bubble umbrella can also come in different styles and colors.

Some like the typical umbrella design, however, do not feel like you are stuck with the typical look. Totes, known for their umbrella selection, has a range of umbrella styles to choose from. They make their umbrellas durable in order to survive situations from basic use to more severe weather, but either way you can find a look that will stand out. Want cheetah print or polka-dots? They have that look available. Want a bright or neutral? An American flag print? No problem, they’ve got it.

Check out all of the retail stores listed previously to upgrade your rainy day look. They carry many of the brand names you would want when buying reliable rainwear. Load up your cart and gear up for the stormy weather ahead.


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