The Ultimate Catfish: Online Shopping

Whoever invented online shopping is a hero. Is there really anything better than being able to shop till you drop without even having to leave your bed? Within minutes, your online shopping carts can be filled with bags, shoes and everything in between. But how will we know if the clothing we are buying is worth that online price tag?

In this digital age, it seems as if everybody has ditched the mall and the lines for an online shopping experience. As a result of this phenomenon, hundreds of online exclusive stores have been popping up across the internet. From Romwe to SheIn, Fashion Nova and even Luca and Grae, online exclusive clothing sites have officially taken over.

What makes these clothes so desirable? For starters, the price tag won’t break your bank. On websites such as Romwe and SheIn, the prices for trendy and adorable pieces are unbelievably inexpensive. These online clothing sites can reel you in by telling you this once $50 item is now only $10 — too good to be true, right?

VALLEY put together a few tips and tricks when it comes to purchasing clothing from these two online retailers.

Firstly, always read the reviews. A lot of the clothing items listed have zero reviews, which is not a good sign. After purchasing a few items from both Romwe and SheIn, it’s noticeable that the two websites work the same. If the item seems too good to be worth only a few dollars, it probably isn’t worth your coin. Also, keep in mind that shipping will take time and a half. Since these two retailers ship out of China, it takes a while to have your package even ship. With all of the negatives being said, you can find some cute, cheap gems on these sites. If you’re looking for something comfy and a little funky, VALLEY is loving some of the new fall tees Romwe and SheIn are bringing out.

If there was an award for “most Instagram famous clothing pieces,” it would go to Fashion Nova. With celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Cardi B endorsing their clothing, how can you say no to trying out a few of their more affordable pieces?

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Fashion Nova is certainly not as inexpensive as Romwe or SheIn, but it is still reasonably priced. Known for their form-fitting clothing, Fashion Nova showcases their clothing on models with remarkable curves. The brand is primarily known for their “make your butt look incredible and out-of-this-world” jeans.  According to the Nova team, they do not retouch or photo-shop their models.

After reviewing three pairs of jeans and a pair of leggings, VALLEY can tell you that these jeans are worth the money … if you have super long legs. The length of the jeans does not vary and if you’re a little on the short side, you are going to have to roll and roll. The jeans and leggings are very stretchy and do hug you in all the right places. If you are looking for a heavier, sturdy pair of denim these might not be the ones for you. Their Super High Waist Skinnies feel more like jeggings than jeans, but they are very comfortable. For a more traditional type of denim, try the Fringe Affair Flare Jeans.

Last but certainly not least, the online store, Luca + Grae, run by famous fashion blogger and YouTuber Apsyn Ovard came out about two years ago and has already made a splash in the online fashion world. While the prices for these items are more expensive, the quality is next-level. Aspyn and her team design all the pieces themselves and have created a cute little online boutique. All of the pieces have a very dreamy, romantic vibe to them, which Aspyn says matches her own personal style. Step up your fall wardrobe this season with the Cedar Corduroy Overall Dress.


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