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The past couple months have been quite a time for music. From “Old Town Road” remixes, “thank you, next” and Tame Impala’s new single “Patience,” new music has taken over pleasing all crowds in every genre.

Most recently, Vampire Weekend, the geniuses of “Apunk,” “Step” and “Diane Young,” have announced that after six years they are finally releasing their fourth album.

Fans have long awaited for this release and Vampire Weekend is 100 percent aware of this. That being said, after announcing the release of their album, they promised to release two songs per month until the album drops in May.

The album is called “Father of the Bride,” which will have 18 songs. So far they have released three EPs each with two singles. These EPs mix songs from just under three minutes to just over five.

The shorter songs: “2021,” “Sunflower” and “Big Blue” experiment with exciting-bold sounds and sick guitar rifts. The longer songs: “Harmony Hall,” “This Life” and “Unbearably White” tell heartwarming stories.

Fans have been going crazy as these songs were definitely worth the wait. They are beautifully harmonized with creative lyrics. The first song they released, “Harmony Hall,” pays tribute to one of their older songs “Finger Back” which uses a line of lyrics from “Finger Back” in the song’s chorus.

Vampire Weekend has received some serious love from fans. So much so that Vampire Weekend has liked their fan’s posts and shared fan art all over their instagram.

These feel good songs and interactions with fans is what we all missed most about Vampire Weekend.

There first album, “Vampire Weekend,” consists of youthful songs that they wrote while at the University of Columbia. The next two, “Contra” and “Modern Vampires of The City,” displayed a more darker feel; one that expressed getting old, facing the world and even death. However, “Father of the Bride” displays songs about relationships and songs that show the brighter side of life.

Ezra Koenig, the lead singer explained this in an interview will Rolling Stone saying, “On our first album, most of the songs were written in college, and it had a very youthful vibe,” he says. “On the second and third records, the wide-eyed enthusiasm dimmed considerably. You see more of the world, and you’re more and more disheartened. But that trajectory can’t go on forever. After you make the black-and-white album cover with the songs about death, you can’t go deeper. This is the life-goes-on record.”

From what has been released so far, we are happy to say that we love this “life-goes-on” album, and we are excited to hear the rest of the track.


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