A Taste of HUNNY

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Spring is here, and although we are all still suffering from the cold, VALLEY wants to give you some cheer by giving you the 411 on an upcoming band by the name of HUNNY.

This SoCal band can be described in three words: authentic, attractive and extremely talented. Okay, four words—but they have definitely earned it! This spunky group of five formed in early 2014, and since then, began touring with The Neighborhood and Bad Suns. Currently they are on their U.S. spring tour promoting their second EP: “Windows I.” This new EP shows an evolution in their music for sure. This second one being a bit faster and more upbeat yet equally amazing as the first. Both show casing HUNNY’s raw talent. Grace Johnson, a freshman at Penn State, loves HUNNY because of the way they sound. Johnson says, “Their songs are super upbeat and you can dance to them but they also have some deep and meaningful lyrics that you can relate back to yourself and life.”

HUNNY is electric and addictive; you simply can’t get enough. With just a tasteful bit of pop and written by a band that can definitely rock, every song is filled with a catchy tune you won’t be able to get out of your head paired with meaningful lyrics. Whether you are having a great day and wanna dance around your apartment or you’re feeling a bit down and need to listen to something expressing pure emotion, HUNNY is an easy go-to. Their sound is very different, yet has a familiar and warm feeling leaving you in a feel-good mood. Not only do they prove themselves in the studio with sick beats and creative lyrics, but watching them live is a completely different experience.

HUNNY’s shows are a true performance. Coming out in mixed-matched plaid suits or a t-shirt tucked into jeans, their aesthetic screams cool guys from an 80’s movie mixed with a business casual flare. These are the boys who you wish were your older brother’s hot friends. This band has killer charisma and the best stage presence you have ever seen.

Just listening to either EP: “Pain,” “Ache,” “Loving” or “Windows I” will put you into those spring vibes. Each song pleasantly pure is filled with immaculate vocals, crazy guitar shreds, occasional funky-fresh synths and an excellent rhythm session to tie it all together. Their raw talent and beautiful creativity can’t be described in words. Check them out—these boys will rock your world.

Check out a few fan favorites: “Cry for Me,” “Colder Parts” and “Televised.” Tweet us at @VALLEYmag what you think!


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