Skincare for Your Other 90%

One face lotion for the summer, another just for the winter, two different face washes, serums, masks, spot treatments, under eye creams, scrubs, toners and the list goes on and on. The effort and product overload put into keeping the skin on our faces fresh and flawless is insane, and it’s only right that we start showing the rest of our skin some love. The skin on our arms and legs and everywhere in between tends to be neglected and deserves just as much attention as our faces do. To keep your skin 100% happy, VALLEY has brought together the best ways for you to keep the other 90% of you glowing.

Stay Hydrated

VALLEY’s list wouldn’t be complete without including one of the easiest ways to keep skin looking and feeling healthy. To stay hydrated, the body needs around two liters, or eight glasses of water a day. While you’re getting in those eight glasses, throw in a few slices of lemon. The added lemon naturally boosts Vitamin C and, with the water, helps to flush out toxins for an all-natural detox, rejuvenating the body and leaving skin plump and glowing.

Shower Smart

Next time you hit the shower with plans to be borderline boiling, be sure to keep a few things in mind. While a hot shower might sound amazing in the colder months, for the sake of your skin, chill out. Hot water strips the body of more than a few natural oils, drying skin out and leaving it much more susceptible to redness and irritation. The best plan of action when it comes to coming clean, is to wash up in warm water and finish with a cold splash. This tightens up pores and leaves skin fresh and toned all over.


When it comes to those daily showers, temperature isn’t the only factor to consider. Just like our faces need a scrub from time to time, it’s just as important to keep the rest of our skin free from natural build-up. Body scrubs can be made with simple ingredients right at home, or purchased anywhere from Target to Sephora. Using a body scrub once or twice a week and making sure to massage in circular motions clears skin of acne, prevents any ingrown hairs and boosts circulation for smooth glowing skin.

Make the Most of Your Moisturizer

With the crazy variety of body lotions out for sale today, it’s easy to be overwhelmed and even easier to believe that all of these products serve the same purpose. For skin that tends to be more oily, or for the hotter seasons, it’s best to look for lighter lotions that hydrate skin and absorb quickly, like this aloe infused lotion by Vaseline. For naturally dry skin, or for a more winter appropriate product, look to thicker more intense products, like Aveeno’s Eczema Therapy cream, or a classic like Palmer’s Cocoa Butter lotion.  For every skin type it’s smart to stay away from synthetically fragranced lotions that can dry out skin even more with application (sorry Bath and Body Works). Turn to those scented with natural oils instead as a healthy skin alternative.