November Mood Board

Now that all the festivities from Halloween have finally come to an end, it’s time to get in the real swing of the fall and holiday seasons. That means dark colors, sweater weather, and hyping up Thanksgiving and Christmas. VALLEY is here to offer a simple take on a classic November mood board to give you inspiration for how to approach November from any standpoint regarding fashion, to beauty, to even suggested activities that happen during the month.


Some of the most essential colors that scream “fall” are red, yellow and orange. Not only do the leaves turn these colors once the weather gets cooler, but accents of these colors tend to be put up around the house, dorm or apartment to get that fall feel. Add a yellow throw pillow to your couch, change your comforter to be red and orange, or find a bouquet of flowers that have all three colors to put out on your kitchen table.


Yes, Halloween was the ideal time to play with makeup, but now that you have to return to reality, try using the warmer colors on your palette. Different shades of brown eyeshadow will give you a dark, smokey look, without going overboard. A rosy or more orange-toned blush would give you a flushed look that wouldn’t be the result of the cool, windy weather. And to top off your fall look, go for a dark red or maroon lip, because how could you go wrong with being bold?


When you think of the fall, only one thing comes to mind: sweater weather. It’s finally time to put away the tank tops and flip-flops and pull out the oversized sweaters and boots. The most typical fall outfit consists of a sweater, jeans, riding boots and a light jacket. To make an outfit pop, add a scarf or hat for extra warmth, bring out the fun accessories, such as long necklaces or earrings, or try a variety of boots such as ankle booties or knee-high boots.


Once the leaves change and the cold weather hits, everyone swarms to the nearest pumpkin patch or cornfield. It’s finally time to pick pumpkins with friends or significant others to out-carve the other or walk through a corn maze. The fall is also the best time for festivals and markets in small towns, especially college towns, so checking those out would be perfect to top off your spree of fall activities.


The last few weeks of the semester are nothing but stress, stress and more stress, so what better way to cope than to indulge in the best food that comes with the best time of year. Food markets, coffee stands and cafés instantly add anything pumpkin related to their aisles or menus. Home-cooked meals and comfort foods also can’t go unnoticed because who doesn’t love a good turkey dinner with vegetables and mashed potatoes?

Not only does November bring the final weeks of the semester, it also comes with cooler weather, cuter outfits and fun things to do every weekend. Tweet us your favorite fall traditions @ValleyMag!