Water and Sunscreen: The Secret to Better Skin

Photo by Ann Li

For those of you who have been keeping up with the latest trends, you have probably noticed that the ‘no makeup’ makeup look is totally in right now. Mascara and lip gloss are always a go-to, but those who still feel the need to cover up blemishes or may not feel comfortable leaving home without some sort of cover-up, there is an easier way to skip this step.

You can get better looking skin without paying for a prescription to a skincare line. One thing VALLEY knows for sure, is that you are beautiful with or without any amount of makeup, and these two simple products will benefit your skin all over with long lasting benefits.

Photo by Ann Li


Water, water and did we mention water? You can never have enough, and as you are probably aware water does wonders for your health.

You may not believe that drinking water consistently will help your skin, but having eight glasses of water a day removes toxins from the body and can improve and clear up your skin. This is especially important during these dry winter months, when you will want your skin to stay hydrated and fresh.

Without keeping your skin hydrated, you are left with dry, flaky and tight skin.

Dehydration results in dull and dry looking skin, dark, sunken eyes and a swollen, puffy face. The constant state of dehydration makes the skin less resilient and elastic therefore, making the skin more prone to wrinkles. Consequently, this may speed up your aging process.

Many celebrities reveal that their secret to an ageless look is simply drinking lots of water.


When trying to prevent wrinkles, sunscreen will be your saving grace.

Zoe Westrick, a freshman at Penn State and firm believer in SPF, says, “Even though I naturally have darker, more olive-toned skin and don’t burn easily, I always use sunscreen when I’m outside because it’s an easy way to prevent skin cancer and wrinkles. Face and body sunscreen makes your skin look and feel great. It doesn’t even stop you from getting a tan.”

Westrick makes a good point when saying that you will still be able to achieve a golden tan.

Photo by Ann Li

People often care more about getting tan, and falsely believe sunscreen will stop it. With skin cancer rates on the rise, it’s better to be safe than sorry by taking five minutes to apply some sunscreen in the morning—yes, even in the winter.

Along with these life saving benefits, applying sunscreen daily can reduce blotchiness, leaving your skin looking clear and fresh.

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