Alternative Spring Cleaning

Graphic by Jessie Mayer

Cleaning out your dorm or apartment can be a freeing experience, but cleansing your life of negativity makes a greater impact.

The coming of spring means one thing: spring cleaning. This is a time for people to clean out their rooms, houses, apartments or closets to get rid of things that no longer suit or fit them. In other words, it’s a time to start fresh and create a new life path for the new season. However, this spring, VALLEY has taken a twist on the typical “spring cleaning” by trying an alternative method.

Have you ever thought about the benefits of removing people, ideas or materialistic things from your life? Nearing the end of the semester, people tend to reflect on how their grades were, the friends that they met, and how they spent their free time, but don’t spend enough time thinking about what they could’ve done better for themselves.

It is important to rid yourself of the negative people you’ve encountered along the way because they aren’t enhancing your life. It is also important to take a step back from things that set you off track in building your future, such as spending too much time on social media or sitting at home being unproductive.

The spring is the time for people to get themselves together, more or less. It’s that time of the year when everyone is getting ready to return home for three months, or even start their journey with an internship or a job.

With that being said, the spring is finally the time to let go of the people that are holding you back. Therefore, if you’ve ever felt like you couldn’t do or say something because you’re afraid of hurting others, don’t worry about that too much. As an adult, you have the power to speak your mind, and it’s important to utilize that to the best of your ability. You should never be afraid to act or feel such a way that makes you worry about how others may view or treat you.

Another thing that tends to hold people back from doing things for themselves is their smartphones, laptops and social media accounts. We live in a time where everything is found online, including updates from friends and family, the latest news of the world and even the hottest trends in stores and on the runway.

However, being too obsessed and absorbed with social media by constantly checking everything from Snapchat to Instagram can be draining. This leads to a feeling of being unproductive and not setting out time to work on yourself. This spring, it’s important to consider setting your phone aside when doing homework or talking to friends so that you can focus on the important aspects in life, as opposed to what’s seen on a screen.

The new season should inspire you to reconsider how you’ve been living your life thus far. It may be beneficial to drift away from certain people and find new friends, or try using your phone only for necessary purposes. Make the spring the best it can be for you!


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