Long Distance BFF Relationship-Tips and Advice

College is an exciting time to meet new people in a new environment, but with that comes saying goodbye to your hometown friends and sadly your best friend. Going from seeing your best friend every day at school and almost every weekend to only seeing them on breaks in college can signal a tough transition and some very hard “see you laters.” VALLEY understands this difficult change and wants to help you and your BFF with this adjustment. So, we put together our best advice and some tips on keeping a strong BFF relationship—long distance style.

Ring Ring Ring

Set aside a certain day each week that works for both of you to have a quick FaceTime or phone call sesh. It doesn’t have to be long, but catching up on the little things in your everyday life will help keep the friendship close. Fill them in on your classes, your social life, and bond over some of the stresses you probably both experience–’cause hey college can be stressful no matter where you go to school.

What The Meme

If you don’t already do this, start. Send each other cute and funny pictures and tweets you find on Instagram or Twitter. Your BFF may not be expecting a Twitter or Insta DM from you, but it will without a doubt put a smile on their face when they see their best friend just sent them a cute meme of golden retriever puppies.

Mailing Some Love

Put together a cute surprise care package for them. The care package doesn’t have to be anything huge, just something small with a few of their go-to items like their favorite chapstick and snacks. A simple gesture like this shows you know them better than anyone else and that you’re still looking out for them from afar.

Girls Weekend

If they’re not too far away, plan a trip to visit your BFF for the weekend. You’ll have a chance to meet their new friends and see the college campus they’re always raving about. Your BFF can show you their favorite spots both on campus and downtown, you can get food with each other like you did back home and catch up. This will be an opportunity to experience college with them—even if its only for the weekend.

Be Their Safety Net

Continue to be their support system and their rock. You may not be a quick drive away anymore but that doesn’t mean the strong support system you and your bff had before has to stop. If they’re having a rough day or are stressed, let them know you are still here for them. Your support and comforting words will keep the friendship strong because even though you may be miles apart, it will show that your care and love for them is still very present.

Long distance can be hard, but it has nothing on you and your BFF.


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