Fashion Lessons from Childhood It Girls

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Walk into any elementary school in the 2000s, and you would see young girls dressed in neon pink pants, sparkly shirts and complex floral patterns, all topped off with eclectic accessories.

Before girls looked up to Jojo Siwa, they took fashion advice from the original it girls: novel characters. These characters perfected a variety of styles. So much so, that it might be worth navigating away from Instagram fashion influencers in order to gain inspiration from these nostalgic icons.

Fancy Nancy
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She’s not just Nancy, she’s Fancy Nancy. She demands that life be extraordinary, and you should too. State College needs her to teach its population how to be as glamorous as possible.

If Nancy went to Penn State, she would love to hit the town and be the best dressed at the bars. Channel her this weekend by accessorizing excessively and wearing sparkles and high heels.

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Angelina Ballerina
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As an iconic character, and the reason that most girls began to dance at the age of three, Angelina Ballerina basically invented ballet core. Miss Ballerina was ahead of her time by wearing all things pink tied together with a bow.

Take inspiration from her iconic look the next time you want to dress comfortably, but still look cute.

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Lola & Lotta

These two besties successfully coordinate eclectic patterns without clashing. They show off layering techniques and cute hair accessories while navigating their friendship and childhood’s troubles.

Grab your bestie to recreate some of their iconic looks by breaking out the florals and striped tights.

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The Rainbow Fairies
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This series provides a complete lookbook for any occasion. As the colorful fairies have adventures throughout fairyland, they look as if they are about to strut down the runway.

Aptly named, all of the rainbow fairies wear the color for which they’re named. For this reason, they would love wearing trending matching sets.

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Chrysanthemum might be a mouse, but the girl knows how to dress. In her story, she expresses love for her unique name until she is made fun of for its individuality.

Eventually, she is able to fully embrace her name for what it is: a euphonious salute to a beautiful flower. She then pays tribute to chrysanthemums by dressing as one. Recreate her revenge look with the following pieces:

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Appreciating Your Inner Child

There are so many characters that can serve as inspiration for new looks. Dress like you did as a kid by channeling your favorite nostalgic character through bright colors, sparkles and mismatched patterns.

When you recreate these looks, submit them to @VALLEYmag on Instagram for Fit Check Friday!


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