Pros and Cons of Wearing Glasses

Photo by Stephanie Distasio

If you have glasses, the chances are that at this point you’ve had them for as long as you can remember. Or if you can remember, you’ve had them at least long enough to be used to them and learn that there are definite pros and cons. Usually they’re fine, but there are certainly some days that those of us with bad vision with we could just wake up with perfect eyesight. Until that day comes, let Valley humor you with the pros and cons of wearing glasses.


If you’re not feeling like your normal, fabulous self, you have something covering your face.

We’re all beautiful, but on those mornings after we pulled all-nighters or stayed up too late on the weekends, putting on glasses and feeling camouflaged really comes in handy. I actually had a friend who used to wear fake glasses if she wasn’t wearing makeup and she constantly told me how lucky I was that I could “cover myself if I needed to.”


Contact-lens wearers are prone to eye infections.

We’re putting plastic in our eyes day in and day out, and when we don’t give our eyes a break or get makeup or dirt in them, there’s an infection waiting to happen. The plus side: you can feel camouflaged wearing your glasses, and most people pay attention to the actual detail of the lens and not your eyes when you wear them.


When you go a period of time either always wearing your glasses or never wearing them, it can feel like you’re drastically switching up your look without even trying.

I find that when I go a long time seeing the same people wearing glasses and then I put my contacts back in, everybody compliments my eyes. On the other hand, when I go without wearing my glasses and then when I wear them, I get compliments on my frames.


You can’t actually wear your glasses all the time because sweat = loose lenses.

It’s literally impossible to go to the gym wearing them and forget about even wanting to wear them in the summer. If you don’t have glasses, just remember a time when your sunglasses kept falling off of your face because of the heat – now picture that hindering your vision.


Holiday lights (and any pretty colored lights) look magical when you don’t have glasses on or contacts in.

I always used to squint to make Christmas lights look blurry and pretty when I was little, but now all I have to do is take off my glasses and look at the tree.


Everything is blurry all the time.

Everybody with bad vision knows how annoying it is when someone with perfect eyesight wants to show them something when they aren’t wearing anything. No, I literally can’t see the time, I can’t see that picture on your laptop and I can’t even tell what TV show you’re watching – there’s a reason I have to wear glasses.