So You Didn’t Go Anywhere This Spring Break

While it seems most Penn State students will be tanning and drinking tropical fruity beverages in some other country, there’s also a great portion of college students who spend their spring break at home. It’s easy to pick out all the negative reasons why it sucks to not be on the beach when there’s 3 feet of snow on the ground; but it’s important to focus on the positive aspects of staying homebound.

Spending time with your family

Although cliché, any chance your parents and siblings get to see you is not time wasted. If you haven’t been home since winter break, they’re most likely ecstatic to see you, feed you, and if you’re lucky, do your laundry. Don’t pass up this opportunity to be pampered.

Catching up on Homework (and Netflix)

Unlike winter break, classes are still going on, and professors love to give out homework. Whether it’s a project, studying for an upcoming exam or writing a 10 page paper, use this free time to get ahead as much as you can so you’re not drowning in excessive homework the second you arrive back to State College.

While your homework needs attention, your Netflix queue does too. Spring break is also the perfect time to start (and possibly finish…) that new series that you’ve been dying to binge watch.

Applying for internships/summer jobs

As shocking as it seems, companies are already in the process of finding summer interns and employees. If you wait until summer break, your chances decrease dramatically because every spot is already full. Make an effort to edit your resumé and apply to as many places as you can.

Enjoying “down time”

It’s easy to get caught up in the chaos that is Penn State. Make sure you unwind if you plan on staying home. Visiting friends at other colleges near by, hitting the gym, and mentally preparing yourself for the weeks ahead is highly encouraged. Remember before you declare your boredom while being back in your hometown… once finals week hits, you’ll be begging to be bored!

So you didn’t take an awesome trip this spring break. Don’t sweat. Enjoy the free time you DO have- and be thankful that your bank account will be a little higher this semester.

Besides, can you even miss out on “Spring Break” when it’s not even Spring yet?

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