Running for a Cause

With the endless amount of apps available today, there are a few in which Valley believes you should hold some storage space for. Many companies are now offering the opportunity to earn money while you run, walk, or bike; but instead of the money going into your pocket, it gets donated to the charity of your choice. Here are a few free apps we recommend.

Charity Miles

Sponsored by big brands like Johnson & Johnson and Kenneth Cole, this company will donate up to 25 cents for every mile you walk or run, while bikers can earn up to 10 cents per mile.


Raise your heart rate for a cause by exercising through virtual events with a crowd. This app is for friends and family to donate money after you “pledge” an amount per mile that you will complete during an athletic event. Once the day of the race comes along, the app tracks the distance you run during the event and the money raised will go electronically to the organization you are running for through PayPal.


Earn points to get rewards, like donating money to charity, by doing any type of exercise! This app will sync to your other fitness apps, like MyFitnesPal and FitBit, to track your activity level. This even includes walking to class! The point system reflects the intensity of the activity and the amount of time you participate in it. You can even create your own plan by choosing an activity and the amount of times you say you’ll do it, and from there you will be rewarded!

The next time you go for a jog around campus, make sure to log into one of these apps and track your miles. Running for exercise will make you feel good — but running for a worthwhile cause will make you feel even better!