Practical Ways to Maximize Closet Space and Eliminate Clutter

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It’s pretty easy to accidentally overflow your closet, especially if you’re a major fashion lover. Whether you’ve forgotten about some items, outgrown your wardrobe or because you continue to add onto your closet, clutter can build up before you know it!

The good news is you don’t have to hastily purge your closet or drastically cut back on shopping. All you need to do is be more efficient. With these tips, you’ll be shopping smart and decluttering in no time.

The Fit
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Before adding any more to your closet you first need to make room. This can easily be done by taking the time to go through your clothes. The hard part is letting go!

It’s hard to get rid of clothes just because they no longer fit, especially if they’re some of your favorites or were worn a lot at one point. But, when was the last time you wore those jeans? That shirt? If you realize you haven’t worn certain clothes in a while due to them not fitting, that is perfectly okay. Bodies change, weight can fluctuate and VALLEY can’t stress this enough, it is healthy and normal to no longer fit into clothes you wore years ago. It is time to finally let go because you deserve to wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident!

Saying Goodbye
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Do you have clothes with the tags still on them? What about clothes that you always tend to skip over when choosing your outfit? Although it may be hard to say goodbye, this is something that can definitely be improved upon. The best part is your clothes can be loved and worn by someone else. When getting rid of these clothes, there are many more options besides simply throwing them away. Check if friends and family are interested in taking them off your hands. Or, consider donating them to your local thrift stores like:

Or try selling on an online platform!


Now that you have made space in your closet, it may seem counterintuitive to buy new clothes. What if VALLEY told you you can? Again, just be efficient and here’s how.

Invest in a pair of shoes or a reliable jacket. These timeless pieces never go out of style, can be paired with practically anything and often tie together an outfit.

For example, a pair of sturdy Doc Martens or fashionable sneakers that will last a long time and can go with many different kinds of outfits and pieces, such as jeans, skirts or dresses.

Or, there’s nothing quite like having that jacket you can throw over just about anything. Whether it’s denim, leather or fur, having a go-to jacket is also a must. Why? Although you are technically adding to your closet by buying these things, you are saving space in the long run by no longer needing multiple. Three jackets that are denim, leather and fur is much better than having six various jackets.

Investing doesn’t necessarily mean breaking your bank account. If you want to and can afford a splurge on a new pair of shoes or that jacket you’ve been eyeing for months, VALLEY says go ahead! A more affordable option is thrifting where you can often stumble upon amazing deals and discover unique clothing.

Customize Clothes

When it’s all said and done, upcycling your clothes is both sustainable and a fun project to take on. There are a ton of different DIYs that can transform old clothes into something completely new. Re-dye your clothes with supplies from your local craft store like Michael’s or JOANN’s for a surprisingly different feel.

Paint, embroider or add patches onto shirts, pants and jackets. If you don’t consider yourself super artsy, don’t worry! There are various tutorials on TikTok, Youtube and Pinterest that can help get you started. Simply search “DIY clothing ideas and tutorials” or specifically whatever you’re interested in.

It may take time and patience, but if VALLEY can do it so can you! If you’re going for a completely different look, try picking up a pair of scissors and seeing what you can do. Yes, you can easily crop the shirt, but if you’re looking for something new, try sewing, pinning or gluing different ones together to mix and match patterns and materials.

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