Depop: The Millenial’s Gateway to Thrifting

Photo by Depop App

Want to go thrift shopping everywhere anytime? Sounds like a dream to the vintage fashion junky, but in the digital age, it’s possible with Depop. A unique personal style is essential to be your best self. With Depop, users can discover one of a kind pieces that create a completely distinctive wardrobe.

Depop is an app created in 2011 that has risen in popularity over the years. Right now it is a thriving community of buyers and sellers interacting on a social media platform exchanging trendy clothing. It has become the most used e-commerce app in the UK and is gaining notoriety around the world. This online marketplace is designed with the functionality of Instagram and the charm of Etsy. Similarly to Instagram, it has personal store profiles, posts to like and discussions through direct messages with the seller. Just like Etsy, you’ll find the rare pieces that will have everyone asking, “Where did you get that?”

Interested in getting started? Here’s a quick tutorial of how to use the app and get thrifting!

Begin just like any social media, creating a personal profile and username. You can start posting items to sell or just following people from all over the world. It’s set up with a home feed, explore page and notification center.

Using Depop makes the conversation between buyers and sellers comfortable, informative and fun. There is a personality behind each Depop store because there is a person behind each account! The direct message feature also gives buyers and sellers a space to ask questions, talk about styling, and even negotiate on prices when searching for a deal.

Looking to save some money on your new look? Ask sellers about creating “bundles”. Many stores will offer their merchandise at a cheaper price when you express interest in purchasing more than one item from their shop.

This app is not only a place to shop, but also to gain fashion inspiration and share ideas. Users include notable celebrities, bloggers, social media influencers, college students and struggling artists and designers. By scrolling through each Depop store you are given the opportunity to peak through that person’s closet and discover something new. Depop is another example of how technology can cultivate likeminded, vibrant communities that promote individuality and modern thinking.


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