Fashion Rental Rundown

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Renting an apartment, a few textbooks for some of your classes or even a bike to ride around campus for the day are all common aspects of a college student’s life that are leased — but what about renting the clothes you wear? A new trend that has been working its way into the fashion industry and into the closets of those who love clothes is renting any and all types of clothing. There are multiple clothing renting companies and they all have different terms and conditions and vary in how they run their companies. But don’t panic — VALLEY is here to walk you through the different companies, the perks and all the in-betweens you may need to know about renting clothes.

A Box A Month Keeps the Fashion Police Away

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Let’s start with clothing you can rent through a subscription box. Companies such as Le Tote, The Mr. & Ms. Collection and Stitch Fix all connect with their customers through monthly subscription boxes designed specifically for them. Le Tote is $59 per month and allows you to wear the latest style trends without having to set foot in a store. By making an account, you get to personalize your tote, keep the items as long as you want and, if you can’t let them go, you can purchase them. Always having something new in your closet to wear helps keep the impulse buying to a minimum and always keeps you looking cute and stylish.

The Mr. & Ms. Collection is slightly different from Le Tote because the company is the one that picks out your clothing items based on personal information you provide. There are three different monthly rates depending on what your needs may be for that time frame. Prices range from $49 per month to $113 per month.

Stitch Fix separates itself from the other companies in that it puts more focus on the shopping experience. Over at Stitch Fix, you make an account in order to help the team understand your size, style and price range. They will then send you a box, allow you to try on and keep what you like, only charging a $20 styling fee, and ultimately bringing a shopping mall right to the comfort of your living room.

Did Someone Say Designer?

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For those who crave the newest designer clothes and bags, Rent the Runway is a perfect fit. Their wide variety ranges from a selection of dresses, pants and tops as well as accessories like Kate Spade and Tory Burch handbags. Rent the Runway offers multiple ways to rent their designer clothing and accessories with a dedicated customer service and free returns. One way to rent is on your own terms — you pick what you want to rent and for how long. Another way is by renting four pieces a month for a rate of $89 per month, from a selection of more than 200 brands. The last way to rent is getting four pieces on constant rotation, and, ultimately, an unlimited amount of rentals each month when paying a $159 monthly fee.

High-End for A Low-End Cost

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Infinite Style by Ann Taylor is one of the first rental services that is directly operated by the designer brand itself. This rental service exclusively sells Ann Taylor clothing only and accessories all for one flat rate. The service allows you to create a virtual closet of all the pieces you want and requires a minimum of eight pieces to be in your closet in order to receive a box.

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