A Wardrobe Upgrade

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While it may only be 30 degrees in State College, spring is quickly approaching, and with it comes the spring trends we know and love. The struggle of wanting to buy a wrap dress from Urban Outfitters priced at close to one hundred dollars when you need to save money is real. VALLEY put together the top five ways to up-cycle the old clothes in your closet without breaking the bank.

Ditch the Sleeves

It’s time to finally put that over sized button-up shirt you never wore to good use. P.S. I Made This blog creator Erica Domesek created this DIY using only fabric glue, ribbon and a pair of scissors. Start by cutting the top half of the shirt off just below the sleeves. Then cut off the bottom portion of the shirt just below the last button. If you’d like your tank top to be very cropped, cut off more fabric as needed. Next, fold the top and bottom seams and use fabric glue to keep in place.

Once you have the shirt complete, use ribbon or a sturdy material as your new straps. Attach the ribbon with glue or sew it in place evenly on both sides of the shirt to create your tank top. Once you are done, you can add a touch of lace or different fabric to really up-cycle your brand new top.

Rips, Rips and More Rips

Ripped jeans are always in style and it only requires a pair of scissors and some tweezers in order to achieve this trend. However, jeans are not the only clothing piece that are acceptable to wear and tear. Ripped and distressed hoodies and t-shirts are just as trendy and simple to make on your own.

Pull out that old, plain crop top or sweatshirt from your closet and start cutting smaller, frayed holes along the sleeves or body of your shirt. Why spend close to $20 at retailers like H&M or Forever21 on hoodies and crop tops with holes when you can DIY the trend all on your own. Happy shredding!

Fray That Denim

In order to upgrade that pair of jeans that were always too long on the bottom, all you have to do is take a pair of scissors and cut off the ends of the jeans, right above the ankle. Then, to achieve the frayed look, take your scissors or a pair of tweezers and pull out pieces of fabric around the edges. After you throw them in the dryer, your jeans will be all frayed and new.

Switch up the Color

All you need for this DIY is an old T-shirt and some bleach. Remember to be careful while up-cycling your clothing with bleach as it can get messy. Apply the bleach on your shirt wherever you want to lighten up the color a little bit. The use of bleach on a basic black T can make it go from boring to edgy with one quick color change. Pinterest has a bunch of DIY bleach T patterns that you can try if you want to go all out with your new design.

Show A Little Skin

If there is a long skirt that you never find yourself gravitating towards nowadays, VALLEY has a way you can quickly spice it up. Try on the skirt and decide where and how long you want your leg slit to be. Use a washable marker or tape to make a line on the piece where you plan to cut. Then cut up the line to create a sexy leg slit. Pair with some heels and a body suit for a night out with your friends or a fancy dinner date.

Rock these new looks with confidence this spring. If you try out any of these DIY’s, tag us in your #OOTD pics on Instagram @VALLEYmag!


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