Amazon Clothing Dupes For Expensive Pieces

Amazon never fails to make our fast-shipping dreams come true. The online retailer sells items ranging from kitchenware to furniture, but Amazon also sells some amazing clothing pieces that are equivalent to some high-end brands.

Who doesn’t drool over a fresh pair of LuLu Lemon leggings or crave a new pair of sneakers from Fila? With amazing prices and high-quality items, Amazon has been killing the fashion game recently.

Here are some dupes for the clothing pieces you have been dying over – you’ll thank VALLEY  later once that package arrives at your door within 48 hours.

Let the online shopping begin!

The Best Workout Pants For The Gym

The LuLu Lemon Align Pant is loved by many workout fanatics; however, Amazon is coming for their brand. The Lingswallow High Waist Yoga Pants are top rated on the Amazon website. Featuring a side pocket and high-waist tummy control, the workout leggings will keep everything in place as you run, climb and sweat. For only $15, the pants will ship within two days if you are an Amazon Prime member.

Attention all college students: you get a discount on Amazon Prime if you sign up with your school information.

There are plenty of colors to choose from and the pants will save you close to $80 if you decide to purchase them over the LuLu Lemon ones. Not saying that LuLu Lemon isn’t fantastic, but being a broke college kid comes with sacrifices, right?

Your Chunky Sneaker Must-Have

Who doesn’t love a good chunky white sneaker? With Fila coming into our lives, every Urban Outfitters is swarming with the thick shoe. The Fila Disruptor 2 is being sold on the Fila website for $65, while a similar dupe is being sold on Amazon for $25.99.

The Amazon dupe is by the brand BOYATU, which features seven different colors of a similar style shoe to the Filas. Another piece that is available for Amazon Prime, the shoes can be delivered within two days and also feature free returns. VALLEY loves the pink ones, but there is a color scheme for every style out there.

These shoes would save you close to $40 – forty dollars can buy you many Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffees and Chipotle burritos.

The Ever-So-Popular Gucci Belt

Okay, if you splurged on a Gucci belt you’re truly a go-getter in the world of fashion. The black, leather belt with gold detailing would set you back $450, while the Amazon dupe would only set you back $13.99. Another item that features Amazon Prime, you would receive the belt within two days. If the belt doesn’t fit right, the seller also offers free returns.

The Amazon belt sold by Tanpie would save you $436 – on a night out, nobody would notice the difference.

Luxury Denim At An Inexpensive Price

Finding the perfect pair of jeans for your body type can be expensive, to say the least. Brands, such as Reformation, sell amazing quality jeans with a very high price tag. The Reformation Stevie Ultra High Rise Jean are loved by many, but are priced at $128.

The Amazon dupe, by the brand Ruisin, features a classic high-rise mom jean that only costs between $35-47 dollars. Saving you over $80, the Amazon jeans are for sure worth the try. They come in both light and dark washes and are featured under Amazon Prime. They also come with free returns and exchanges.


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