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It’s safe to say that social media has changed the world of fashion. Today, models are often scouted through the selfies they post to Instagram instead of being found on the street. Fashion weeks are full of influencers that sit in the front row at shows just so they can share it with their followers. Even models are expected to have a social media presence and project their own voice and personality. For the fashion obsessed, Instagram feeds can become an intoxicating wave of fashion inspiration, almost so much so that we forget about the more “old fashioned” ways to enliven our wardrobes.

Fashion Blogs

Instead of falling down the never ending hole of Instagram, take some time to read through these blogs to learn more about why these people decided to choose their outfits, what they love about them and how they style their looks. Take this opportunity to read the words they typed out for you to learn more about them as a person as well.

NYC Bambi

Photo from nycbambi.blogspot.com

The second you click into this aesthetically pleasing website you will be swooning over the way Christie Tyler styles every neutral color in the book. She lives and breathes earthy tones like brown, beige, black and white. Unlike on Instagram, Tyler is able to give her readers an in-depth look into outfits for every occasion all while flexing the seasons hottest trends, like biker shorts and chunky dad sneakers.

Joey London

Photo from joeylondon.co.uk

This London based blogger embodies the classic European style with a slightly edgy twist. His site is a great starting point for any men interested in updating their current look. His blog contains plenty of other helpful tips regarding travel and food as well. The fact that he is a Zayn Malik look-alike doesn’t hurt either.

Wait, You Need This

Photo from waityouneedthis.com

Walking through campus, there is no doubt you will see people wearing duck boots. Are they practical? For sure. Fashionable? Janelle Lloyd, the writer of “Wait, You Need This,” says yes! If you want to learn how to style everything from your rainy day boots to sequin pants on a night out, this blog is a must-read. The Atlanta native is now a New York City gal, but unlike other fashion icons within the blogosphere, she writes about affordable everyday pieces.

Fashion Websites
Who What Wear

A must-have subscription for any fashion guru, this website covers all the bases including trend reports, celebrity style and shopping guides. Filled with a hardworking team that churns out content faster than you can read it, you are guaranteed to find the answer to any fashion question you have on this site.

The Zoe Report

“Style is what one creates … glamour is a state of mind,” says Rachel Zoe, a high-profile fashion designer. Along with her knowledgeable team of editors and stylists, Zoe reports on the sophisticated and dazzling fashion world with focus on high-fashion runway shows and top-of-the-line products and pieces. Although a lot of the clothing on The Zoe Report may not fit within the college student budget, there are so many ways to copy the looks for less.


Interested about learning what goes on behind the scenes of the glitz and glam of the fashion industry? Fashionista.com is filled with all the good stuff we love such as current trends, but it also gives readers an inside look into the business of fashion. Those looking to possibly be in the industry in the future can learn a lot from this website.

Fashion Books

While a quick scroll through Instagram can give you a glance into today’s current trends, a book is an investment. Fashion is cyclical, which means every few years you will see the same trend’s repeating in different ways. However, some looks will always be classic and looked up to in the world of fashion. Trends come and go, but fashion books build the ground work that can help you have fresh and inspired outfits for the rest of your life.

The Little Dictionary of Fashion by Christian Dior

Take note from one of the industry’s most famous and most influential designers, Christian Dior. Small enough to fit in a handbag and under $20 on Amazon, this book is your guide to doing everything from walking with grace to tying a scarf.

Love Style Life by Garance Doré

Grace Doré is a French author, illustrator and photographer. Through her book, “Love Style Life,” she takes you on a journey of her life through her own life lessons and how she has developed her own personal style.

Instagram and Pinterest are great snapshots of current trends, but they can sometimes feel overwhelming with the sheer amount of ways to style and the ways different influencers style them. Reading up on blogs, websites and books can give you some background knowledge that will allow you to bend and twist current trends to your own personal style.


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