5 Health and Wellness Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

Finding good Instagram content that deviates from the typical post-football game day posts can be refreshing. Mixing up your feed and using social media instead to benefit your mental, or even physical, health may sound counterintuitive. VALLEY is here to introduce our readers to some entertaining Instagram accounts of professional influencers and bloggers who use their platform as a way to help others and spread their healthful tips, lifestyle patterns and overall positive, radiant vibes.

Rachael DeVaux, RD, CPT, @rachaelsgoodeats

Posted by @rachaelsgoodeats on Instagram

As a certified dietician and personal trainer, Rachael DeVaux delivers a fun, positive and energetic platform all while delivering insight and advice that is backed up by a professional degree – she proves that a healthy lifestyle isn’t a chore, but an enjoyable occupation. Her Instagram and blog focus on fitness, recipe ideas and her lifestyle in Seattle. As a young adult, DeVaux is very relatable and engaging to a large range of millennial viewers.

Jeanette Ogden, @shutthekaleup

Posted by @shutthekaleup on Instagram

This outgoing and rockin’ mama owns the IG game. Jeanette Ogden is a wife and mother of one, who enjoys sharing this lifestyle with her loyal following base of about 289,000. You will see her daily posts of her homemade bulletproof coffee, her sipping on kombucha, and her amusing family. Aside from that, @shutthekaleup loves to maintain a positive and inspiring platform for all of her followers. She is very engaging, and thus furthers the development of her own brand. Ogden loves sharing her workouts and the delicious concoctions that she whips up in the kitchen.

Ogden is not as “blog-heavy,” so-to-speak, compared to some of these other women, but she maintains the title of “health and fitness enthusiast.” Professionally, Ogden would be considered an “influencer” who is monetarily compensated, but she has expressed multiple times through her platform that she doesn’t prefer to use that word, and she tries to do her job in the most genuine and authentic way without coming off as a salesperson.

Lee Tilghman@leefromamerica

Posted by @leefromamerica on Instagram

Quirky, inspiring, constructive, lively: you will notice all four of these attributes upon following Lee Tilghman on her largely known Instagram account @leefromamerica. Tilghman also manages her website/blog, which is updated frequently. This single and enthused woman of Los Angeles loves sharing her holistic lifestyle that focuses on mental and physical wellness. Between yoga, morning hikes, sobriety, ‘digital detoxes’ and homemade recipes, Tilghman’s platform is an all-encompassing ‘health and wellness blog.’ Her personality and attitude are contagious at times and, like Ogden, Tilghman loves interacting with her followers. She shows what it really means to be happily independent.

Tiffany Acevedo, @nourishedbykale

Posted by @nourishedbykale on Instagram

Another West Coast gem, Tiffany Acevedo, like the others, successfully sustains a personal blog via Instagram with the intention of “spreading positive vibes.” Her content revolves around food recipes, wellness and lifestyle. Acevedo focuses on wholesome eating and clean ingredients in her recipes; she creates recipes as unique as peaches and cream dream bars, matcha snickerdoodle cookies, CBD pistachio butter and matcha truffles.

@nourishedbykale is always smiling ear-to-ear in her Instagram stories and posts, happily sharing her day-to-day activities. While Acevedo does not have her own website, she continues to use Instagram as a permanent platform to share recipes and positive lifestyle tips. You can see her living it up in trendy coffee shops and cafes in San Diego, CA.

Alexa Soto@alexafuelednaturally

Posted by @alexafuelednaturally on Instagram

This vegan enthusiast absolutely loves sharing all of her extremely creative and healthful plant-based, animal-free dishes. @alexafuelednaturally always expresses her gratitude for fresh and organic food, all while remaining entirely plant-based. Soto uses her website and Instagram as a complex personal portfolio of food photography and recipes.

In addition to spreading her vegan message, Soto also delivers content about self-awareness and self-care. She shares and advocates for her daily routine of journaling, yoga, meditation and other natural coping mechanisms for her diagnosed anxiety. Soto effectively uses this platform to reach a wide-ranged audience that may also be struggling with similar feelings of everyday stress or anxiety.

Each of these ladies have unique personalities of their own, and deliver totally different facets to the health and wellness industry. They are hardworking professionals who strive everyday to cultivate their brand, which they built completely on their own.

Although some of these professionals are endorsed and paid by different companies to promote a brand or product, they find joy in carrying out their passions through Instagram in a totally sincere and authentic way.

For students looking for ways to cope with stress, find ways to incorporate healthier foods in their diets, discover new workout routines or just have a positive influence to look forward to each day on Instagram, these accounts are sure to open your perspective to a more positive and productive lifestyle.


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