5 Asian-Owned Brands to Support Now and Always

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Unfortunately, since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen crimes targeting Asian-Americans escalate at an alarming rate. Stop AAPI Hate reported they received 3,795 incidents of discrimination including verbal harassment, shunning and deliberate avoidance of Asian Americans. Due to these disheartening and unacceptable forms of discrimination, Asian-owned businesses have taken a large hit.

During these hard times, VALLEY wants to highlight 5 Asian-owned businesses that we can lift up and support.

1. Chunks
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While on the hunt for a cute yet functional hair clip, Tiffany Ju decided to take matters into her own hands and create her brand Chunks. The brand is now run by five women and is proudly manufactured in China.

Ju is open about the fact that her products are responsibly made in China and believes in, “creating a positive relationship where we can commit, on both sides, to increasingly thoughtful and responsible manufacturing processes,” as she talks about on her blog.

Chunks sells affordable and colorful hair accessories and sunglasses made from acetate. They are a perfect way to add color to your wardrobe this spring season.

2. Delaroq
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Delaroq is a chic line of handbags and accessories started by Jennifer Lyu who has previously worked for designers such as Louis Vuitton, Prada and 3.1 Phillip Lim.

Influenced by her experience in the fashion industry, Lyu started her own brand with a mission to create sustainable products. Delaroq works with leather factories and tanneries to make products from excess materials so no material is wasted.

She also uses her design skills to make high-quality products that will remain fashionable and functional for many years to come.

3. Amarilo
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“Solid gold jewelry designed to be worn in water, working out, or wherever the day takes you,” says Amarilo’s Instagram bio. These stunning yet dainty pieces are created by Ali Heiss who has always abided by a minimalist philosophy and hopes to inspire women to embrace their true selves through her designs.

Each Amarilo purchase comes in a box inscribed with one of Heiss’ favorite quotes from ancient Chinese writer and philosopher Lao Tzu, “Because she competes with no one, no one competes with her.”

4. Pepper
Photo posted by @wearpepper on Instagram

Two women tired of never being able to find the perfect bra size created the brand Pepper which caters towards smaller chests. One of the co-founders, Jaclyn Fu was never able to find 32A bras that fit her and never wanted other women to feel ashamed of not meeting society’s standards.

According to their website, “Pepper is not just creating better fitting bras, but starting a movement to rally women to unapologetically love their bodies as they are.”

In addition, Pepper’s other co-founder Lia Winograd is from Colombia where the bras are made. By partnering with a socially responsible manufacturer, Pepper has been able to bring women in Colombia more economic opportunities and ensure they are getting fair wages and benefits.

5. Nimble Made
Photo posted by @nimblemade on Instagram

Nimble Made is a company that specializes in “actually slim” dress shirts. Asian-American co-founders Wesley Kang and Tanya Zhang saw a need for slimmer fitting shirts because American shirts that appealed to the mass market didn’t fit slimmer Asian men.

They re-invented the dress shirt so that it was based on height and weight so that men got a more proportional fit.

VALLEY takes immense pride in supporting brands that are not only Asian made but are ethically and sustainably made in addition to bringing about awareness to body types outside of society’s standards.


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