Wardrobe Not Feeling Inspired?


Instagram and Pinterest are great snapshots of current trends, but they can sometimes feel overwhelming with the sheer amount of ways to style and the ways different influencers style them. Reading up on blogs, websites and books can give you some background knowledge that will allow you to bend and twist current trends to your own personal style.

Closet Hacks for Your Fall/Winter Wardrobe


While your shopping cart at asos may be full of the hottest runway-to-street looks, we all know it’s nothing more than a pipe dream for a college girl and her “can I afford Chipotle this week?” budget. But have no fear, Valley’s here and we share your pain.

Tips for Your Rainy Day Wardrobe


With the high humidity and torrential downpours, it’s virtually impossible to maintain any amount of presentability. So, when not getting out of bed isn’t an option, follow these full-proof steps for what to wear in the rain!