Last-Minute Amazon Costumes for Halloween

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Halloween week is officially upon and you might be panicking to find a costume by Wednesday. No time to DIY your own costume or go to the store and pick one out? Amazon has tons of great options for the holiday. Here are some of best finds on Amazon for best costume yet!

1. Candy

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Pick your favorite candy, whatever it is, tootsie roll, a gum ball machine, a blow pop … the possibilities are endless! It’s a cute and fun way to dress up and fill your sweet tooth for the night!

2. Skeleton

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This spooky costume for men and women, is an easy but fun costume to creep around on Halloween in. To elevate your costume even further, you can do some skeleton makeup and simple or ornate as you want.

3. Monkey

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Comfy and super cute. For women, this is a mini dress with a hood and long sleeves would bundle you up for the night, especially if you add some tights on the bottom. You could even make this a group costume and have some people dress up as bananas, and have monkeys and bananas.

4. Butterfly

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Simple and looks like a lot of effort was put in but it is so easy. You can order the wings on Amazon and just wear all black for the outfit and put the butterfly wings over the outfit. It’s not very much maintenance throughout the night but looks adorable.

5.  Waldo

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Where’s Waldo? He’s at the next Halloween party! This is always a classic popular costume for Halloween. This option is perfect for the minimalist. Everyone will recognize who you are and it is a fun joke throughout the night for people to point you out!

6. Dinosaur

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Honestly this is just a funny option, that would seriously give people a good laugh. The giant inflatable dinosaur. You can storm down the street and make people laugh throughout the night. On a side note you also don’t have to worry what you look like because you are so covered!

7. Grease Lightning

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Live out your greatest fantasy as a 70’s pink lady or a greaser from “Grease!” It’s sassy, fun and pretty easy to put together with the items they give you from Amazon.

For further costume inspo, look no further than Amazon Prime for a last minute Halloween costume order!


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