March Madness: Looking Sporty Off the Court

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Your bracket might not look great, but you definitely will this March! The annual college basketball tournament is in full swing, and it is giving us the opportunity to turn our wardrobe from formal to fitness-fresh.

The athletic and active look is super comfy and doesn’t leave you feeling guilty for throwing on relaxing clothing. This fad does not come with the requirement of actually working out, but it sure will give the illusion.

VALLEY put some styles head-to-head to give you the winners of the spring 2018 sport fashion trends.

Joggers vs. Leggings

Both pants serve different looks and come in a variety of styles that can elevate your outfit to the next level. Joggers can make it look like you aren’t trying that hard, like how Tillys pairs their FULL TILT Cozy Striped Womens Jogger Pants with a simple t-shirt and cute black and white sneakers. However, throw in some heels and the game changes. Tobi gives us sporty vibes and post-Saint Patrick’s Day depression with their Private Kelly Light Olive Belted Cargo Pants.

Leggings are a celebration of comfort culture and they can be paired with pretty much anything. Gymshark uses materials like sheer mesh in their Sleek Aspire Leggings to give breathable workout clothes a look that is fashionable even when you aren’t working out.

A look that has been showcased by many celebrities, like Kylie Jenner, is the classic Adidas striped leggings. They are functional and make an outfit look put together without the effort! Pairing with a jean jacket and cute sneakers for a whole outfit.

VALLEY had Abby Fortin, a Penn State freshman and employee of Connections Clothing, pick her winner. “I choose leggings because I personally don’t like the fit of joggers,” Fortin says. “Athletic leggings go with a lot of my clothes and are more versatile, especially if I’m going to the gym before or after class.”

Hoodies vs. Jackets

This one, just like University of Virginia’s loss to UMBC, had an unpredicted upset. VALLEY chose hoodies early on because the humble sweatshirt has been boosted up beyond recognition as of late. Recently, a cropped hoodie paired with jeans or leggings have been the new style and can be found at day parties during these chilly months. Urban Outfitters shows that their hoodies go with many alternatives.

However, Teresa Adams, a junior photography major, picked jackets for the functionality. “I have recently got into windbreakers because the weather has been unpredictable,” Adams says. She also tells VALLEY she would like to bring back quarter zips into her wardrobe because they carry benefits of both the hoodie and jacket.

Nike vs. Adidas

The battle of the brands is a tough call with the popular popularity of Nike, especially since Saquon Barkley was just signed as a Nike athlete—shout out to his Combine performance.

Regardless of their impeccable athlete choices, Nike dominates in the sneaker game. The famous swoosh is globally recognized as a sporting symbol. The Nike Roshe One defines ‘casual sporty’ because it combines fashionable and functional. They come in a variety of colors without being too flashy.

Adidas, on the other hand, has made much progress in its apparel department. It would be hard to walk around campus without seeing at least one person with the iconic Superstar Shoes. They would never be used for actually working out, but they have a look that can go with a sporty ensemble or an outfit for going out.

VALLEY chooses Nike as their champion of the shoe game. You can’t go wrong with one of the world’s most famous brands—and it helps that they are trendy.

Let us see your off-the-court look. Tag us on Instagram @VALLEYmag!


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