From Daylongs to Day Jobs: How to Shop for Your Internship on a Budget

Posted by LOFT | @loft

Whether you have already locked down an internship or are still making the rounds for interviews, you might need to update your closet this summer. If you have an internship that requires a more sophisticated wardrobe, it is probably time to trade your ripped jeans and crop tops for some nice pants and a blouse. And because lots of college students are a little tight on funds by this time in the semester, it’s best to try not to spend too much money on shopping for your internship. That’s why Valley is here to help you look good for your internship without breaking the bank.

Here are a few places to start when looking to update your look from “daylong” to “day job”


Now conveniently located downtown State College, H&M is the perfect place to find cheap, staple pieces for work   that look good and fit well. With their wide variety of pants, blouses and more, you can find whatever you need to look professional at a great price. Click here to shop H&M online.

Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack is the perfect place to shop for designer items at great prices! With great, classic options, it is the perfect place to shop for a nice summer dress or a pair of classy shoes to wear to your internship. If you can’t make it to the store or there isn’t a location near you, their two sites Nordstrom Rack online and Hautelook have great options with the same great discounts.


Seriously, is there anything that Target doesn’t have? Not only can you shop there for your groceries, you can also go there for cute clothes that you can wear to both work and happy hour. And now that there is one downtown State College connected to the H&M, you can get all of your shopping done in one trip! To shop Target online click here.

Ann Taylor LOFT

Ann Taylor’s cuter, more inexpensive store is the perfect place to get a few nice, everyday pieces to add to your closet before your internship. Be sure to subscribe to their mailing list, because the store is constantly sending out discounts and coupons for all of their clothing! Shop LOFT online here.


Everybody loves DSW, and both the store and the website have great prices for all types of shoes. Whether you are looking for a classic pair of pumps or a comfortable set of flats or sandals to rock in the office all summer, DSW is your place.


If you are shoe shopping on a budget, Zappos is the online store to check first. With hundreds of options to choose from and free shipping, you can find amazing deals on all types of shoes. Check this site out to find the perfect shoes to walk you all the way to success at your internship this summer.

Check out these hot spots, and you’ll be dressed to impress wherever your professional life takes you this summer!