Find Your Perfect Workout Leggings

Posted by Fabletics | @fabletics

Sometimes finding the right pair of workout pants can be frustrating and time consuming. If you have found yourself spending countless dollars on workout clothes with no pay off, this article is for you.

The problem is that the cheap workout pants always fall apart or only last for a minimum amount of time, and the expensive brands are hard to commit to. Valley wanted to see what fellow Penn Staters think of this dilemma and discuss the brands that are either worth recognition or aren’t worth your time — or money.

Victoria’s Secret

The great thing about Victoria’s Secret Sport line is the variety, albeit some options being better than others. They are great while they last, but their lifespan isn’t competitive for their price. Their black leggings fade easily, and each of the different styles seem to tear all the same.


The C9 Champion premium leggings are a major flop. They are on the pricier side for a discount store retailer, and the quality just isn’t there. This pair claims to have a tight fit, but you might find yourself pulling them up during your workout.

Lululemon Athletica

The very popular Lululemons have always proved to be a pricey commitment for some. Is it worth it? Junior Alex Couch says yes because “the quality is awesome.” For her, the “investment pays off” because she wears her pair all the time, and they are comfortable. Another benefit of buying your leggings from Lululemon is, if they begin to pill or rip, they will be replaced for life by the company.


You have probably noticed the amplitude of ads for Fabletics, Kate Hudson’s athleisure company. When it comes to this brand, senior Maggie Foley says that she wears Lululemon but also swears by Fabletics. Fabletics wins for the trendiest workout clothes and the most modest price.

Old Navy

Old Navy’s Go-Dry line of workout pants are extremely average. The sizes not only already run a bit large, but they also stretch more with wear. After one workout, you may notice that the leggings become looser. However, one good thing is that this pair is extremely comfortable and the material feels soft to the touch.

Matty M

These leggings can be found for an affordable price on Amazon and other various clothing stores. Although not specifically for working out, these leggings receive an A+ for comfort, stretch and durability, which make them a great option for exercise. However, the worst part about these leggings is the amount of dust, hair and other particles that will stick to them! You definitely need a lint roller if you purchase this brand’s leggings.


Valley claims Nike the winner. Shocker! A sports brand actually has the best pair of workout leggings! While they are pricey depending on the style you buy, they most likely will not disappoint. The best part about these leggings is their absorption and durability — just make sure to take care of them properly!

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