Olivia Rueger


Olivia Rueger is a sophomore student at PSU studying Labor & Employer Relations and Information Science Technology. When she's not working, studying and at sorority functions she can be found at Whole Foods, climbing a mountain, or in bed watching Vice documentaries.

Frat Land’s New Neighbors


On January 28, Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority announced that the Penn State Beta Eta Chapter will be moving off campus to downtown State College. The organization has leased a former fraternity house on Beaver Avenue for the next three years.

Kellie Hahn: The Funny Girl


“My sense of humor was born in middle school,” says senior Kellie Hahn, “I was on the yearbook committee and we came across a problem when the same four people in our school won all of the superlatives. So my friends in the yearbook club just wrote me in as funniest, and ever since then I thought I had to live up to the title.”