Modern Spirituality: The Ancient World of Tarot Cards

Photo by Olivia Rueger

At the mention of a Tarot reading our minds are programmed to imagine an old woman with a crystal ball eerily telling you a fortune in a back-ally boutique, but this is not at all the reality of the tarot. Tarot is a tool that humans have been using for thousands of years to access their spirituality and predict the future. If you are interested in this world of opportunity and spiritual awakening, VALLEY is going to introduce you to the mystical realm of Tarot reading.

The Power Within

Those who follow the Tarot believe that every individual has a psychic ability that can be developed. Each life has a soul, an all-knowing entity that is the core foundation of you. In Tarot, we refer to this as your Inner Guide. In our conscious lives we are constantly distracted by the futile tasks, problems and temptations of the physical world that we are blinded to the guidance of our Inner Guide. When we know how to access our Inner Guide, we experience life differently. We have the peace and contentment that comes from aligning our consciousness with our inner purpose. Therefore, we see our existence clearly and bring together the scattered elements of our lives to fulfill our destinies.

The Deck

We access our Inner Guide through the deck. The Tarot deck is made up of 78 cards divided into two categories, the Major and Minor Arcana. The 22 cards of the Major Arcana represent the powerful forces that influence our lives such as inspiration, change, love and spirituality. The Minor Arcana is divided into four suits and can represent specific people or attributes that are present in your reading. When selecting a deck, be thoughtful with your choice, as your Tarot deck becomes an extension of yourself. Before beginning to read, study your deck and handle it often. As the images become familiar, your psychic energy will penetrate the cards. Once you have established a connection with your Tarot, wrap it in a piece of cloth and be sure to carefully and respectfully store it when not in use.

The Spread

A traditional reading involves a Reader and a Questioner. Both parties are to clear their minds of worry and extraneous thought to concentrate on the cards in a quiet place, preferably sitting on the floor to ground themselves. There are countless different formations to place the cards and after a shuffle of the deck the Reader distributes the cards blindly to the positions of the spread. Each position on the spread will give another layer of meaning to the card that is placed. A basic, yet thorough spread is the Celtic Cross.

The Interpretation

To some, the flipping and shuffling of cards in a deck may seem to be random and meaningless, but with high concentration and open-mindedness, the Tarot can give us insight into our lives that we would be unable to obtain otherwise. The dual action of the card placement and the meaning of the card itself is the foundation of your Tarot reading. The Reader and Questioner should together analyze the reading to understand the story that the Inner Guide is telling. The Tarot is a mirror that reflects back to you the hidden aspects of your own unique awareness. Write down your cards and placements, and it is recommended that you journal about the experience afterwards in solitude to be able to understand and apply the lessons of your reading.

Tarot is an ancient spiritual practice that still holds meaning and practicality in our modern world. There are countless booksvideos and other resources to help you study the deck and develop your practice.


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