Venus In Retrograde

That guy who ghosted you months ago suddenly in your DMs? Are you feeling the painful urge to get closure with your ex? Watch out for these behaviors and many others like this, as the planet Venus has entered retrograde earlier this week. Beginning Oct. 5 and continuing until Nov. 16, the planet of self-esteem, love, beauty and relationships will be entering a powerful cycle.

Retrograde occurs when a planet appears to be moving backwards in the sky from our view on Earth. In astrology, retrogrades rule the past, therefore old relationships and issues tend to resurface during this period. Venus is a mirror and investigator when in retrograde. As the ghosts of the past begin to resurface, be sure to examine these often emotionally surged interactions with an analytical and balanced mind. Venus enters retrograde once every 19 months, so themes that were prevalent during March to April 2017 may reappear as well.

Enter this time carefully — the planet of love does not recommend beginning a new relationship at this time, for the heavy air of retrograde does not lend itself to sparking new flames. For current relationships, be prepared to experience a bit of turbulence. The foundations of your love may be tested, but true connections will prevail through this six-week trial.

Venus in retrograde forces you to take off your rose-colored glasses and see situations realistically. The universe is currently working to dissolve masks. As people become transparent, trust your intuition. Venus will force us to deal with emotional baggage and low self-esteem, failed friendships and romance. Old lovers will come out of the woodwork. It’s time to dive deep and embrace the experiences that Venus in retrograde has in store for us. This is a time to be self-interested. The universe wants us to dissolve all of our toxic relationships and develop unwavering self-love. It encourages us to make decisions about who is in alignment with our future and who no longer belongs with us.

Contrary to the pessimistic reservations of Venus in retrograde, this time is one of great opportunity. We have the chance to unite, see clearly and reawaken our passions and senses. This is a time in which we can burn down past limitations, feel the freedom to live within what remains, and be open to what is new. Learn to honor yourself and be thoughtful about whom you allow into your life. By revisiting the past we can learn through our experiences and begin a new chapter of beauty and harmony.


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