More Than A Zodiac Sign; Astrology

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Contrary to popular belief, astrology does not stop with zodiac signs and horoscopes; it is actually a complex arrangement of houses, signs and planets that work together to make you the person you are. Houses represent the ecliptic — the way that the planets were moving in the sky at your time of birth. Similar to how the 12 houses represent the different areas of the sky, they also represent different areas of life. The signs represent the location along the ecliptic, the zodiac constellations were at the time of your birth. Zodiac signs reveal the characteristics and qualities within the sky. The planets are representative of the experiences in our lives. The house that the planet is in inspires what area this experience occurs and each sign gives the characteristic present in this part of our lives.

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So now that you have some background in astrology, let’s get into understanding what the stars can reveal about you. Begin by going to this website, they will ask for the date, time and location of your birth to provide you with what is called a natal chart. After getting your results, pay close attention to your sun and moon signs because these are the foundations of your personality. Your sun sign is what people often refer to as your overall sign because it is the most dominant and expressive part of your personality. Your sun sign is the personality that you give out to the world. In contrast, your moon sign reveals your internal thoughts, habits, instincts and reactions. Your moon sign can predict how you deal with your emotions and how you really feel about things.

The rest of the planets follow this pattern. Mercury represents your communication style. Your Venus sign can help you understand how you go about love and relationships. Mars can determine our passions and drive, whereas Jupiter is the planet of luck and vision. After determining what zodiac signs are present in each planet, you will establish which house each planet lies within. For instance the fourth house includes the home and family, the pleasures of life happen within the fifth house, and so on.

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Spend time reading your natal chart, it is long and may seem overwhelming at first. Begin by analyzing your planets and your zodiac signs. Once you feel comfortable with them, continue your understanding by applying them to the houses. Astrology is an ancient study with an abundance of knowledge to be unlocked, there are so many things to learn about yourself and others. Gaining a deeper understanding cannot only help you recognize the person you are, but also your friends, family members and romantic partners and how you interact within these different social spheres.

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