Won’t You Take Me To… The 80s?

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Fashion trends on the popular social media platform, TikTok, have made it to the runways this year. Between athleisure and neon prints, the 80s are making an epic comeback. Just in time for hot girl summer, am we right?

The 80s aesthetic is truly unmatched, with the bold and vibrant colors that come with it. Permed hair was everything, and denim was the essential staple for everyday streetwear.

To achieve that 80s look this summer, VALLEY has you covered! Check out these 80s pieces that will take you to Funkytownliterally!

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Mom Jeans

Say goodbye to those skinny jeans! Mom jeans have become all the rage this year. With individuals loving the versatile and soft look of these jeans — you can pair them with anything, and they are sure to be an essential this summer.

If you want to achieve that total 80s look, invest in acid wash jeans! These can be paired with almost anything, and are sure to spice up your wardrobe.

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Let’s face it, the 80s were all about neon. Neon shirts, pants, socks, leggings — neon was the moment! This year, neon pullovers and prints have been the favorite among fashion influencers!

If you want to keep things more neutral, consider trying neon nail designs or headbands. These are simple, yet fun ways to add a pop of color to your outfit!

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Biker Shorts

Tell me you aren’t obsessed with these. With the weather warming up in State College and various other cities, biker shorts have become the newest fad.

To achieve this look from icon Princess Diana, pair your favorite bike shorts with an oversized crewneck. Athleisure for the win!

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Animal Print

Cheetah print, zebra print, you name it — the 80s were all about funky and fun prints. This trend has most certainly made a comeback, with unique prints making their way back to the runways.

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