Instafest: What’s Your Festival Lineup?

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As we near the end of the 2022, it’s time to hold off on those Spotify Wrapped and post your Instafest lineup instead! Instafest is a new and free app that generates a festival lineup based on your top Spotify artists. 

Below is an example of what the typical Instafest lineup looks like:

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These lineups have taken Instagram and Snapchat stories by storm, with users posting about their ideal concert lineup. 

Twitter user @GriffithsTM7 tweeted their Instafest and encouraged other users to share their Instafest with him, rather than Spotify Wrapped:

Some users also had confusion around the Instafest lineup, with Twitter user @chxsingwaves initially thinking that Instafest is a real concert:
Who Created Instafest?

What apps do you know were created by college students? There certainly aren’t many, but the Instafest app was developed by University of Southern California student Anshay Saboo

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Saboo told TechCrunch in this article that he came up with the idea for Instafest when scrolling through social media platform Tik Tok. 

“I saw people were posting videos from Coachella and I started thinking about how I would set the Coachella lineup if I could pick the artists.” Saboo said in an interview with TechCrunch. “The thought process led to me thinking about generating a music festival graphic using a Spotify integration and I built off from there.” 

The Different Features of Instafest

Instafest allows users to customize festival lineups based on specific variables, such as periods of time for listening history. You have the option to pick from the following intervals: four weeks, six months and all time. 

Additionally, Instafest has different poster styles for users to choose from. These range in color and design, which provides users with fun selections for posting.

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Does Instafest Work For Apple Music Users?

The easy answer is yes, Instafest can be used for Apple Music users as of December 1. 

However, Instafest may be prone to potential glitches for Apple Music users because it is a beta option – which means that users may experience limitations on particular features, according to Screenrant.  

Although Instafest is now available for both Spotify and Apple Music users, this has been used to leverage the playing ground for the Spotify vs Apple Music debate. 

Twitter user @exoscmdump tweeted about the disappointment of not being able to participate in Instafest because they are an Apple music user: 

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