What ‘WE ARE’ Listening to: Spotify Wrapped 2021

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It’s that time of year again. Christmas lights, holiday scented candles, snow and yes, your Spotify Wrapped. Every December since 2016, Spotify has released each user’s data on what they listened to the most that year. This annually awaited marketing campaign gives Spotify users a chance to reminisce on the musical year they had, with each year’s Wrapped bringing new features.

Your Audio Aura

This year introduced the personalized Audio Aura, which turned your most listened to songs into a colorful, visual representation. The moods encapsulated by the replayed songs was individualized and created a tie dye seeming moodboard along with a two-word description of the mood created. For example, if you are constantly listening to queens like Megan The Stallion or Doja Cat, your audio aura may have fallen into the category of confident and bold, which were represented by orange and purple. If you stream more soothing artists like Lorde, your aura may have been mainly made up of cool colors, which were said to be wistful and euphoric.

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Interactive Features

Another interactive feature that Spotify included was Two Truths and a Lie, where the users could guess what artists, songs, or podcasts were ranked the highest. There was even the option to share this with your friend to see how well they know what you listen to. That was not the only feature that involved your friends, however, as the Wrapped ended with providing you an intermixed playlist of you and a friend’s most listened to songs.

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Top Artists and Songs

The most famous part of the Spotify Wrapped is the page that lists your top five artists and songs, along with the number of minutes you spent listening and your top genre. Though posting your Spotify Wrapped to you Instagram story stays being a meme year after year, here at VALLEY we care deeply about your past years soundtrack, so without further ado, here is what some of your fellow Penn Staters were bumping to throughout 2020.

Your Jams
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The Findings

It seems that pop music is what plays most throughout our airpods here at school, with a hint of rap and …. country. Here at Penn State we certainly have a broad spectrum of taste ranging from Kanye West to Morgan Wallen, of course with a hint of Olivia Rodrigo.

Let us know what your Spotify Wrapped looked like on Twitter by tagging @VALLEYmag and we will see you for next years playlist.


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