The Most Specific Spotify Playlists You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Music playlists have evolved over the years since creating them on our iPod Nanos. Creating a playlist is an easy way to organize your library of songs into categories. It’s also helpful when you don’t feel like searching for every song you listen to and can just hit play instead.

From a workout playlist full of pump up songs to a playlist of instrumental music for studying, there are a variety of ways to organize your favorite songs.

But as music has evolved, so has our playlists. Instead of pressing play on “Top 50 in the U.S.” or even “Songs for a Sunny Day,” you can now listen to playlists titled “music playing in the background of a breakup scene in a movie” or “running around the castle.”

VALLEY has made a list of our favorite, incredibly specific Spotify playlists for the next time you’re on aux or just want to be transported to another world.

Playlists for Studying

This title pretty much sums it up; listen to some of the best film scores for focused studying. 

If you are a fan of the TV show “Avatar: the Last Airbender” (if you’re not familiar with it, go watch on Netflix) you will recognize a lot of these songs. Either way, this playlist is full of lo-fi songs that blend nicely into the background as you work.

This playlist has mellow and instrumental Disney scores that are calming and nostalgic.

A playlist full of instrumental songs….specifically instrumental songs that make you feel like you’re wearing a ballgown and running around a castle, because you’re lying if you haven’t daydreamed about that before.

Playlists if you’re a Harry Styles or Taylor Swift fan (or both, most likely)

Whether you want to imagine your own story or read the one this user created, this playlist has put together Harry’s songs to make a “jukebox musical,” and it’s the best thing we have ever heard.

When you’re in the mood to listen to or belt out the lyrics from the bridge in “Out of the Woods,” this playlist is your go-to.

If you’re in the mood to cry, but also in the mood to listen to Taylor Swift, look no further.

Falling asleep to Harry Styles sounds like the sweetest way to end your night, and this playlist has compiled his most soothing songs to help you drift off to dreamland.

Playlists when you want to pretend you’re the main character in a movie or TV show

Pretend you’re walking around Stars Hollow, eating at Luke’s Diner, and falling for the bad boy in town with this Rory Gilmore inspired playlist

When you’re walking around State College but want to feel like the ultimate main character in a coming of age film, these are the tunes to immerse you in the role.

Wake up feeling like you are at the beginning of the iconic Lizzie McGuire movie with these early 2000s songs you forgot how much you love.

When you want to be transported to a different era or world

Perfect if you wish you were born in the ‘80s and want to feel like you’re the star of a John Hughes movie.

Pretend Pattee and Paterno Library is Hogwarts and pair it with these songs.

Wishing you lived in a fantasy world where you could attend a ball and waltz around?  These dark, instrumental, but powerful songs get you halfway there

Songs about Love

The ultimate playlist of love songs to listen to when you actually find someone you *might* want to be with.

Another playlist by the same user (VALLEY highly recommends checking out Molly Finnan’s account to see the dozens of playlists she’s created) this one delivers happy and sad at the same time.

The cover is an image from the movie “Love Rosie” so you already know that this is an worthy playlist about falling for your best friend.

Music helps you escape reality, can help you study, or just make your life sound a lot more exciting as you listen on your walk home. Finding specific playlists like these let you enjoy the perfect songs that fit your exact mood.

Do you have a unique playlist you want to share? Let us know on Instagram @VALLEYMag.



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