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With VALLEY’s new release of our favoriteS on Spotify, we thought this would be the perfect time to introduce a new genre for you to listen to. You probably know about manifesting, but did you know that there are certain frequencies that help you to transform, center, focus, repair? VALLEY is here to teach you all about making your manifestations as strong as possible in order to seek your best life… all by the use of your own thoughts.


In case you aren’t entirely sure, manifesting stands as your own conversation with the universe. It is a pseudoscientific self- help technique that allows you to speak your own desires and let the law of attraction do its thing. There are a lot of different ways to manifest something into existence, and it all depends on what best suits you. Some people write things down, while others simply think it till they see it. Manifesting is a personal experience; it can be hard to navigate this use of willpower. This is where Spotify comes into play. Spotify offers the technique of listening to frequencies in order to fully put your wishes into the universe.

Science Behind It

 While this sounds super cool — dare we say slightly ethereal — manifesting has been around for ages and these frequencies have been scientifically proven to ease your mind and body. In general, Hz is a standard frequency, coming in different variations with pitches and wavelengths. Sounds are made up of frequencies and as you know, some sounds are just…good. Think of your favorite song. You like it because the combination of all those frequencies sit right with you. The Hz’s vibrations scientifically “sit right with you” just like that song does. They can calm your heart rate and reduce your blood pressure, resulting in a more relaxed body. This calming effect makes it much easier to sooth your mind and think clearly about what you want to manifest. It serves a means of meditating by setting intentions and focusing on yourself.

Photo from Pinterest.com

So now that you know all of this, here are some Spotify Hz’s that you can listen to in order to really put manifesting to the test or make your current manifestations that much stronger.


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