A Girl’s Guide to Fighting Sweat

IMG_0942Sweating, perspiring, dripping, whatever you call it, you hate it, it’s horrible. Whether you’re walking from Willard to Thomas, dancing in a packed frat or bar, or sitting in a stuffy classroom, you’re probably sweating everywhere. It is obvious that no amount of deodorant or perfume can disguise your sweaty body parts, but don’t worry. There are some awesome new ways to fight back against this body function we all wish never existed.

Hairspray Face Mask

Girls spend a pretty good amount of time putting on makeup. That is why it’s so depressing watching our eye shadow and foundation slowly run down our faces throughout the day due to profuse sweating. Next time, use hairspray to set your makeup. Spray the hairspray away from your face and walk through it. There are also professional brands you can use to set your makeup that are better for your skin but hairspray is a great improvisation.

Always for your Armpits

We all know the horrible feeling of wanting to glue your arms to your sides after realizing you have armpit sweat down to your hips. Luckily there is something in your bathroom closet that can be used more than just one week out of the month. Next time you are wearing a tight shirt put panty liners on the inside on each armpit. Make sure to hold each one in place for a few seconds so they stick and they won’t slide out during the day. The panty liners will absorb the sweat from your armpits and now you can raise your hand in class in peace.

Baking Soda Brassiere

While ladies blessed with the big boobs receive many perks in life,  lack of cleavage sweat is definitely not one of them. Instead of walking around with puddles in your new Victoria’s Secret, powder some baking soda on yourself before going out. Baking soda is great for drying out sweat and fighting smell.

Deodor- WHERE?

We all love to roll on the deodorant a hundred times before going out to ensure we don’t smell, but the armpit isn’t the only part of the body deodorant can benefit. If you feel like your thighs are chafing in the hot weather when you are wearing a skirt or a dress, roll deodorant on your inner thighs to prevent them from sweating. The deodorant will cool that area down and keep you from sticking together.

When All Else Fails, Wear Black

We can try to get rid of sweat and fight it as much as possible but some days its inevitable that sweat will show through your shirt. That’s when you give up on wearing the cute outfit you picked out and find the darkest, loosest shirt in your closet. Some girls just always decide to wear darker clothes and don’t even bother jumping through the hoops to defeat sweat once and for all. “I prefer to wear black or dark colors so that the sweat wont show as much and I like to wear quick dry material,” says Olivia Cohen.

There’s nothing worse than sitting in class feeling like you just ran five miles when really you just walked from the bus stop to the Forum. This weather can be brutal and so can the sweat. That is why us girls must keep reapplying the deodorant, wearing the darkest clothes we own and adopting new and unusual methods to fight the sweat once and for all. Hey, at least we don’t go to school in Texas!

Photo by Meghan Tranauskas

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