Trick Out Your Spotify With These Websites

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Getting your Spotify Wrapped is easily the best day of the year. The feeling of opening something made just for you is so special. To keep track of what you’re listening to on Spotify year-round and to get new music recommendations based on songs you love, check out these cool websites.

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Receiptify turns your top tracks into shopping receipts. The website ranks the tracks you’ve been listening to most, puts it on the image of the receipt and labels the dollar amounts as the run-time of the songs. With this website, you can find out what your most-played songs are for the last month, the last six months and of all-time. You can try Receiptify here.

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In Spotalike, you can input your favorite track and receive a Spotify playlist in return that features similar songs. The playlist of recommended songs are all similar to the track you inputted, which creates something similar to Spotify’s “Discover Weekly” playlist. You can try Spotalike here.

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Obscurify allows for you to learn more about your music taste and also allowing for you to compare it to other users. It displays your listening history, giving you the same satisfaction of a Spotify Wrapped, while also defining your top genres and recommending under-the-radar songs. With Obscurify, you can also discover the mood levels of your music: the website ranks the happiness, danceability, energy and “acousticness” levels of your music compared to other users. You can try Obscurify here.

Organize Your Music
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With Organize Your Music, you can do just that: organize your music. On the site, once you connect your Spotify account, you can choose to organize either songs you’ve saved, songs you’ve added to playlists, songs in playlists you follow, all of your music or a specific playlist of songs. Once you choose which option you’d like to do, all of your tracks are sorted into bins labeled genre, year, beats per minute, loudness or popularity, amongst a whole list of others. You can use the bins to plot the tracks on a graph or create a playlist of songs that match a certain bin to add directly to your Spotify account. You can try Organize Your Music here.

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