Iconic Fashion From Charlie’s Angels

Photo from Vogue.com

Charlie’s Angels has been a pop culture phenomenon for years: from the 1976 to 1981 television series, to the series of movies released in the early aughts, to the 2019 re-boot, the action scenes were exciting and empowering, and the fashion was equally captivating. The slick, campy fashion encapsulated in the films from the early 2000s make it VALLEY’s favorite.

In the films, Natalie, played by Cameron Diaz, was the center-front blonde who straddled the line between bombshell and girl-next-door. The trio’s designated tomboy was Drew Barrymore’s redheaded Dylan, while Lucy Liu’s Alex was the strategic one whose well-rounded skills helped the trio in various situations. While the outfits they wore were sometimes (mostly) impractical for espionage, they exemplified peak early-aughts fashion, with Diaz, Barrymore, and Liu wearing outfits and disguises as iconic as the scenes themselves. Here are some of VALLEY’s favorite fashion moments from the film series.

Diaz’s Red Crop Top
Photo from Elle.com
Diaz’s Sparkly Gold Bikini
Photo from Vogue.com
Barrymore’s Bedazzled Face Tattoo
Photo from Elle.com
Liu’s Leather Outfit (and Diaz and Barrymore’s Male Disguises)
Photo from Vogue.com
Liu’s Leather Corset
Photo from Elle.com
The Trio in Their Signature Black Look
Photo from Elle.com
The Trio in an Another All Black Fit
Photo from Elle.com
The Trio in German Outfits
Photo from Shutterstock.com
The Trio in Blue Jumpsuits
Photo from IMDB.com

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