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As summer approaches, the girl boss herself, Kim Kardashian has just launched swimwear for her brand SKIMS. SKIMS started off as a lounge-wear, lingerie and shapewear line that catered to all body types and skin colors. Since the impressive launch, SKIMS has reinvented itself time and time again. Kim knew how much everyone loved her staple pieces and decided to turn that into a luxury swimwear collection.

When Kim thought about launching this collection, her goal was to provide the same ability of “mixing and matching” pieces. The collection houses a wide range of variety. It ranges from skimpy bikinis to more modest swimwear. There are even long sleeve options! In SKIMS fashion, the color palette is pretty neutral with a few exceptions. She even included a few cover-ups to match the swimwear. The price of the pieces might break the bank a little, but Kim has ensured that the quality is through the roof. Prior to its release, she told British Vogue, “We’ve taken extra time and care to ensure the quality and fit is perfect before launching”.

Kim also told Vogue, “there’s something for everyone” in the line. Here are some of VALLEY’s favorite pieces from the collection…

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This cut-out one piece swimsuit is legendary. It comes in seven different colors as well as nine different sizes. Kim really said inclusivity! This retails at $92, but will have you feeling your finest this summer.

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These bottoms are FAB. We love that Kim included some higher waisted options for those of us who prefer to be a bit more covered. This also comes in all the colors and sizes and can be easily paired with the other pieces in the line. These are made of 76% Recycled Nylon / 24% Spandex. We can’t wait to try these!

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SKIMS did not disappoint with this extremely versatile cover-up. This compliments any of the swimsuits to add more coverage or an easy way to grab food or drinks by the pool/beach. Once again, this comes in all of the same sizes and colors.

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To further debut the launch of her new line, she took to Miami to open a pop-up shop. This will be the brand’s first time doing a pop-up in Miami, but according to the amount of people that showed up it won’t be the last. According to TMZ they said, “We’ve heard some people even waited there overnight to hold their spot … and for good reason. The collection is almost all sold out at this point, save for a few pieces.” That is outrageous!

The shop was in the Miami design district and offered customers the opportunity to get their hands on the new collection. Fans waited for hours, but were given water and even some ice cream to help cool them from the heat. Kim and Khloe even made an appearance.


As we know, Kim’s sister Kylie is also a girl boss of her own. Not too long ago she tried to introduce a swimwear lined obviously dubbed “Kylie Swim”. After it launched, fans were not too happy about it. They thought the prices were way too steep for the poor quality. It was not one of Kylie’s best moments. We are hoping that she can relaunch her swimwear line to be better and more receptive to her audience.

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Kim on the other hand is doing very well with her line. She had mentioned that it was a while in the making to make sure everything was perfect. Kim told Vogue, “Feeling confident is really important and so many women dread the idea of putting on a swimsuit and baring it all. I wanted to change that and take away the anxiety of buying and wearing swimwear by offering a complete system of solutions and options that aim to suit every taste.” She couldn’t have said it any better.

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