Revolve Fest or Fyre Festival 2.0?

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Unless you’re living underneath a rock, you would know that the infamous Coachella music festival took place this weekend. This is the first festival since the pandemic began and it caused a huge uproar on social media.

Since all the celebs and influencers head out to the desert, other companies host various invite-only events. One of these events is the highly awaited Revolve Fest. It is one of the most exclusive of the weekend. The clothing brand Revolve started this back in 2015 and since then, influencers do their best to try and get an invite. The festival took place only five minutes from the actual music festival. Revolve invites celebrities and other guests, but also invites smaller influencers to create content with them. Almost as if they are given an invite just to promote their event.

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If you were to look online you would see both outstanding reviews, as well as some claiming that it was the most disorganized event they’ve ever been to. According to Tik Toker Averie Bishop, she posted a video saying that she waited two hours to get on the shuttles and didn’t even make it to the festival itself. In the video she states, ” there was pushing, shoving, shouting, yanking people in front of the buses…”. The only way to get inside the festival itself was to take their shuttle buses. We’re not sure if you’ve ever been to the desert in California, but it is HOT! Influencers posted online that they were waiting in the beaming sun without any food, shade, or water. Some have even compared it to the Fyre Festival. Another influencer, Hannah Kosh took to Tik Tok to say “You guys, it was all of that and more. People were raiding the buses. The bus drivers refused to come back. I saw three people pass out in line myself. Wild.” What a disaster!

You may not see too much public backlash from the attendees because a majority of them are required to create social media content for them as part of their invite. Additionally, despite the transportation disaster, influencers will still want to be invited for years to come.

Revolve finally issued a statement regarding what has happened. This is what they said…

“In anticipation of the high level of interest in attending REVOLVE Festival this year, REVOLVE worked closely with all appropriate city and safety authorities to ensure a safe and secure path for guests to access the 2-day invitation-only event,” a representative told E! News. “With an event of this magnitude, city regulations mandate an off-site location for guest check-in and parking, as well as licensed shuttle transportation to and from the venue. The off-site lot was set up with guest parking, as well as rideshare drop-off and pickup access with added WIFI for car booking, restrooms, shade, water, medics, and security.” They went on by saying “As the festival was reaching capacity late Saturday afternoon, shuttle access to the venue was limited in order to remain in compliance with safety requirements causing longer wait times for entry and resulting in some guests not being able to attend the festival. The safety of our guests is of the utmost importance to us and we will always make that a priority. We sincerely apologize to all the guests who were impacted. We always strive to provide a great experience and we promise to do better.”

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