Which Coachella Style is Perfect for You?

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We all know that Coachella is not only a musical festival, but a fashion world fair. Aside from headliners Eminem, Beyonce and The Weeknd, the iconic outfits of the festival’s attendees are just as sensational. The festival atmosphere allows for an absolute freedom when it comes to fashion, the only rule is that you have to make the outfit functional, and, most of all, memorable. Those who attend Coachella are some of the biggest names in modeling, music, television and social media with an array of styles. Whether you were able to get a ticket to Coachella or are attending a local festival this year, VALLEY is here to provide you with summer 2018 festival trends inspire your outfits this summer based on your personal style.


The fantasy look is for someone who wants to go all out this summer. This style is full of sequins, furs and bright colors that anyone can mix and match — no rules or guidelines involved! Fantasy clothing encourages you to dress up and get wild with your inspiration — anything from an outfit of all pink sequins to channelling your spirit animal is acceptable (and encouraged)! Colorful hair or warrior buns are great with this look.

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When you think festival fashion the first thing that usually comes to mind in bohemian pants and flower crowns. For summer 2018, bohemian style is transcending the typical into a whole new world of fashion. This year’s boho is all about the dramatic bell sleeve, quirky buttons and intricate embroidery. A mustard pant or suede tank top will have you channelling a 70s vibe while still looking modern.

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The grunge look is for the festival goer who has city roots. This style includes a lot of basic colors and edgy designs. Black fishnets and denim go great with this summer vibe. Oversized military jackets under a skimpy bodysuit might be the perfect way to stay fashionable in the summer heat. This look is understated, but, with the right styling, can be undeniably sexy and cool.

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This style is all about blended streetwear and luxury, 90s workout fashion and futuristic design. The key to pulling off this style is to pair simple pieces with a strong statement item. Your choice of brand is essential to repping this look so watch out for Champion, Supreme and Adidas when shopping. No worries if these brands aren’t in your budget! Similar graphics and cuts can be found at H&M or Forever 21. The best thing about this look? Just throw your favorite pair of sneakers on and you’re ready to go!

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