Dressing for Spring in State College

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The weather in central Pennsylvania, especially around springtime, is bound to be temperamental. Unfortunately, aside from keeping a ready eye on the weather app, there’s not much we can do to plan ahead for the rapidly changing weather. Luckily, the outfits listed below are adaptable to spring and can help anyone stay comfortable and fashionable. 

1. The “Princess Diana”
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Classy, chic, timeless — Princess Diana was the people’s princess for a reason. Aside from the compassion and humanitarian work that she was well known for, she was a fashion icon as well. This look is perfect for going to class or taking a walk around campus.

All you need is a big sweater, biker shorts, tennis shoes, black sunglasses and simple gold jewelry.

2. The “Adam Sandler”
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You’ve heard of little shirt, big pant? Get ready for big shirt, big pant. Nobody does Dad Style quite like Adam Sandler. If the paparazzi photos of him are anything to go by, Adam Sandler’s style will continue to exude both style and function.

For this look, you’ll need an oversized graphic T-shirt, big shorts (preferably basketball shorts) and athletic shoes or slippers. You could even throw on a baseball hat or sunglasses.

3. The “Casual Harry Styles”
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He’s on the go, he’s booked and busy. Channel that mysterious aura into your own success with this look.

Pair a black or brown hoodie with a hot pink beanie, sunglasses, sweats and white tennis shoes. A bandana could work with this look, too.

4. The “Mamma Mia”
Mamma Mia - News, Tips & Guides | Glamour
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Who doesn’t want Sophie’s wardrobe? State college weather sucks, but put on this fit and imagine you’re on a sunny island instead.

You’ll need a flowy white top, jeans or overalls and Birkenstocks or sandals.

5. The “Willard Preacher”
We asked the Willard Preacher who he's voting for and what he thinks of PSU  students
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Gary understands what a capsule wardrobe is. Either that or he’s trying to emulate Steve Jobs.

Channel your inner Gary with a red T-shirt, khaki shorts or jeans, new balance shoes and square frame glasses. Optional—a red hoodie or black puffer jacket.

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